SO. In the aftermath of the wonderful anti-Drumpf campaign, who does a G vote for? LUCKY YOU! There happens to be an extremely qualified candidate who also has a chance to represent the female gender, you know, half the earth, for the first time ever in the free world. Congratulations, you!

Not only will Hillary Clinton stand up for everything Barack Obama has built, she’s uniquely qualified as a former first lady, a New York Senator, and the Secretary of State to provide the type of all-around leadership her predecessor has also shown. When it comes down to it, vote Democrat, but not Bernie “big talk” Sanders. Stick to the issues, not the drama.

Here are my favorite lines from the endorsement, which was well thought out:

[A large win on Tuesday]…would also underline the growing recognition that former Sen. HILLARY CLINTON is by far the best candidate to lead her party’s ballot in November’s general election.

Not since… 1992 has either major party offered voters a candidate with such a breadth of experience in federal government. Besides playing an enormous policy-making role during her husband’s two terms in the White House, Clinton has served more than capably as a U.S. Senator and cabinet officer, presiding over President Barack Obama’s State Department during one of the most challenging and dangerous intervals since the Vietnam War.

If the world did not become dramatically safer during her tenure as Secretary of State, neither did it spin out of control. All in all, Clinton and Obama fared pretty well in containing, and even beginning to reverse, the damage wrought by their predecessors’ reckless foreign policy.

In the realm of domestic affairs, Clinton has been a bulwark in the battle to achieve and defend universal health care in the U.S. As first lady, she played a pivotal role in the creation of a Children’s Health Insurance Program that provides medical benefits to 8 million children. (Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch and other Republicans who supported the program have asserted that Clinton has exaggerated her own contribution, but their criticism does not withstand scrutiny.)

More recently, while Sanders rhapsodizes about the advantages of a the single-payer system that prevails in many European nations, Clinton has focused pragmatically on strengthening an Affordable Care Act that has extended medical coverage to millions of previously uninsured Americans.

We admire the passion and energy Sanders has brought… encouraged a broad constituency of Americans that had become deeply cynical about politics to re-engage in the democratic process.

…Drumpf’s demagogic appeals to ethnic and religious bigotry.

But assuming the leadership of the free world, particularly in times as dangerous as these, requires more than charisma and noble aspirations. The president is above all the manager of a vast bureaucracy that can be marshaled to accomplish great things or mismanaged at enormous cost, both in both financial resources and squandered opportunity.

Responding aggressively to climate change, reining in ISIS and other terrorist organizations, sustaining a still-fragile economic recovery and developing new strategies to combat crime and drug addiction are but a handful of the urgent challenges awaiting President Obama’s successor. And, like Obama, the next president will have to confront each of those challenges in concert with a dysfunctional legislative branch and a sharply polarized electorate.

No candidate in either party seems particularly well-suited to bridging those divisions, and most of the remaining Republican contenders seem determined only to exploit them for personal and partisan political advantage. Clinton alone possesses the experience, maturity and pragmatic managerial instincts to navigate the rocky road to 2020.

Even Sanders himself acknowledges that his presidency would be doomed absent a political revolution that dramatically changes the complexion of Congress and state governments as well as the executive branch. We anticipate no such miraculous deliverance, and we are confident that Hillary Clinton is the Democrat’s best candidate to lead the divided country we share.


Normally I would never steal so much from an article but please, Free Press, know that I am making zero profits off this and it is solely to spread the wise words you used to describe my candidate. Please, people, think before you make a major decision tomorrow.