For the most public time since his election, Donald J. Trump is, in his crude terms, most definitely losing. Ole racist rhetoric went down south and labeled black NFL players for taking a knee and protesting race relations in their country. His outrageous request to “fire” anyone demonstrating blew up in his face, with demonstrations throughout the league displaying unity Sunday & Monday during the national anthem.


We saw many owners, including Martha Ford of Detroit, lock arms with their team before the game. And even king good ol’ boy Jerry Jones put his pocketbook aside, doing an in-you-face knee to Drumpf with the Cowboys tonight on Monday Night Football. And now we ask you, President: TAKE A KNEE & RESIGN.

You are a disgrace to this country. Since your birth, you’ve sucked Lady Liberty’s tit while giving her nothing in return. Inherited millions. Scammed your way to more. We know you rigged the election for Russia: Facebook was recently subpoenaed for all the fake news articles circulating it’s site in the weeks and months leading up to the election. We know you had the DNC hacked, doctored their information, and disseminated it via BullShitBook and other garbage news outlets like Fox & Breibart, who are so blinded by hate they will happily report anything negative.

But what the NFL proved to me is that Donald Drumpf’s bullying is not going to work anymore. The average person is realizing outside of the KKK, this horrid human being helps no one. I believe “Lock HIM Up” might be necessary for his lying son Trump Jr. or his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who took a class on setting up that network of lies leading up to the election on Facebook (, or Paul Manafort and his recent e-mail discoveries… ( So seriously, bro – resign.
It’s too ironic, my dad and I started saying the phrase “I’m going to take a knee,” years ago whenever we wanted to just chill, as in, metaphorically, let’s chill & just run out the clock, stop trying so hard. Now #TakeAKnee has blown up right in Donnie’s tiny little hands (as it always does for him), so why not just join us, ya schmuck?