This is what you get, America: you fuck up everything good. You sit back on your fat fucking ass and you gargle horse shit food and advertising down until you’re unable to distinguish team from team.

This is tragically fitting. We got LUCKY in 2016: Peyton & Denver; LeBron > the Warriors; the Cubs comeback. But now Drumpf is president, and this same reality TV show watch-the-Titanic in HD while it’s sinking mindset has created a world of fucking morons.

Even the best of you can’t put it down. The collective let down in the Super Bowl with Atlanta leading 28-3 will forever shame sports history.

Whatever YOU DID, it wasn’t enough. Our culture is like an immature child unable to comprehend the depth of the game, with a sense of confusion clinging to the air in the 4th quarter. The collective consciousness could have stopped New England, but like ATL and the American people, we just lay down to die.