Weep would be an understatement. God bless Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton the two most beautiful women in the world (plus my mom and future wife, lmao…)

But for real. I am sickened that the American people are still so close-minded. I leave you with this: if we all stayed the same – wouldn’t that be awfully incestual, the way King and Queen Britain that we escaped from was? AT OUR CORE we are a nation built on escaping bull shit, and now, we are in more than I could’ve imagined. You see, not only is our President racist, he is going to inspire it. TAKE HIM OUT, PROSECUTORS. TAKE HIM OUT OBAMA FOR HIS OBVIOUS FUCKING TIES TO RUSSIA. YOU HAVE TWO MONTHS AS OUR LEADER AND I BEG YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TO GO AND GET HIM THE WAY YOU TOOK OUT BIN LADEN. I FUCKING KNOW YOU CAN. IMPEACH HIM AND MAKE SURE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE FINISHES OFF THE SITUATION BY VOTING IN HILLARY CLINTON.