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Curry: Why Did We Let This Happen?

Once upon a time, millions of years ago, we were allowed to play defense in the NBA. But sometimes (Drumpf, Bernie…) you become so numb to what’s trending, you think it’s actually normal behavior. Call it mob-mentality, “lemmings,” etc. It’s kind of scary to think for yourself. This is the history of man: the white-man […]

Pistons Answer Biggest Test of Season

In Chicago, the Detroit Pistons grinded out a tough victory between two teams fighting for their playoff lives. Maybe it was ugly for an outsider, but this was classic Bulls-Pistons basketball. It stayed within five either way pretty much non-stop. We trailed one after one, and led by one at halftime. It was a pretty […]

Really, Really Weird Pistons Game

First, Marcus Morris caught video-game fire. He made four 3s in the opening frame to the tune of 16 points, but we only scored nine as a team besides him, equaling a tie game at 25. Then, we went ice cold. Maybe Reggie Jackson shouldn’t have been celebrating so soon… we only scored 11 points the […]

Reggie Thwarts His Old Team

Did the Oklahoma City Thunder ruin any chance of a title in the Kevin Durant era by trading Reggie Jackson (and James Harden), and instead, committing to the notoriously spazz Russel Westbrook? Watching Jackson finish off his former with his new team the Detroit Pistons couldn’t help ask the question. Jackson’s fluidity, height, athleticism, ability […]

Lacking Focus to Finish in Detroit

The Tigers: maybe the best team in Detroit history has YET to win a ring. Meanwhile, division mate Kansas City hoists the World Series trophy and back-to-back AL Pennants. The Lions: bye, Megatron. Detroit continues to be pessimistic about their football team, despite having the best QB in the NFL and an array of talent. […]

Life with Aron Baynes

Life with Aron Baynes

Now that’s a reality TV show I’d watch! I don’t know what the young Pistons would do without their Aussie hustler off the bench. The approach he brings each and every night is carrying us in the clutch when our young minds wander. There are times we look really, really good, and times we look really […]

Do You Believe in Magic?

How about those Detroit Pistons… fluctuating back and forth with each quarter… only to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on an Andre Drummond tip-in to claim a one-point win with two seconds left! The first quarter and the third were extremely porous defensively… and offensively! But the 2nd and 4th were both explosive […]

Pistons Steal Dallas’ Mojo

I felt like we went into their arena, hijacked momentum, and rode it to a nice road victory in a raucous sell-out. Reggie Jackson put an exclamation point on the win with a deep 3, and it took many big shots by Detroit in a 102-96 victory to secure the contest. Marcus Morris hit a […]

Brilliant Job Stan Van

Our Pistons coach made sure to stop by the polls today before the teams road trip and vote, and it’s clear he takes it seriously. “I follow politics pretty closely,” Van Gundy said. “Other than the nights that we have played, I’ve caught the debates on both sides. I follow the news daily. Entertained? I […]

Pistons Notch Win Against Trail Blazers

Pretty much all Portland had was Damian Lillard… the Pistons stormed out to an early double-digit lead and rode it all the way through. It was 31-16 after one, with Andre Drummond starting us off. Reggie Jackson had a great game, scoring a lot and getting everyone involved. We had some stalls, but whenever we […]

Comeback Complete

Tough night for snarf and the city of Detroit. My Pistons and Red Wings were both on national TV. The Pistons were looking fine in the first half, almost able to become the only team to win in San Antonio. Instead, we collapsed with too many turnovers and frantic play in the 3rd quarter, ultimately […]

Greatest Owner Ever

Chuck dunked. Steve dunked.Everyone is going home with a fresh new pair of Chucks. #HiChuck — LA Clippers (@LAClippers) March 1, 2016

Good Work, Red Wings & Pistons

While I was at my mom’s I couldn’t witness the Pistons ball out against the Raptors. Boy, did they hound them and attack the rim en route to another victory. It’s all about plugging away at this point. One win at a time will separate you entirely from the field in the end. NO ONE […]

Pistons Keep It Rolling

I backgrounded this game, mostly watching the first half with the Red Wings on the big screen. What can I say, they knew I wasn’t watching and made it rain! Ha but for real they seemed consistently in the lead and never let Milwaukee score very much. That defense and continuity will pay dividends as […]

Pistons Dominate Sixers for Mini-Winning Streak

You just wanted to make sure we didn’t follow up a fabulous performance in Cleveland by not showing up against the league’s worst. From start to finish, the Detroit Pistons applied pressure and passed the ball, equaling a blowout at the Palace. It helped that they REALLY suck. They couldn’t hit water if they fell […]

Questioning the Heart and Soul of the Detroit Free Press

Questioning the Heart and Soul of the Detroit Free Press

On Monday, I engaged in a one hour chat on the Detroit Free Press’ website. Overall, I was grateful for the platform, and we as Pistons fans destroyed any lingering tension with a focus on ball-movement and defense. I do, however, think it’s imperative to show what the actual Press writer said at times compared […]

THAT’S How It’s Done

What the fuck is good, Cleveland?! LeBron?! Bunch of non-D-playing prima donnas… Finally, for the first time in several weeks, the Detroit Pistons showed the world, we are, in fact, extremely capable of defending even the game’s best. The Cavaliers came out trying quite hard, but we held in there and actually pulled away by […]

No Coaching on Sunday?

I knew mailmen didn’t deliver on the Holy Day, but, apparently, neither do coaches! My usual clutch Michigan coach John Beilein allowed Maryland to build a tremendous early lead, leaving his team to the mercy of the TV timeout. In the end, we nearly won, and much like my Detroit Pistons, the amount of energy […]

Not There Yet

“I’m not gonna lie, the Pistons are great!” That wasn’t said on social media after beating Cleveland early in the year. Nope, not after 4 OT in Chicago. Nope, not by beating the Warriors on Ben Wallace night. NOPE – it was during the goddamn trade deadline to celebrate a pair of deals – in […]

Pistons Trade James Franco and Brandon Jennings

I am really going to miss those two Gs. Once upon a time, if you collected a baseball card midseason, you at least could keep it until next year. Not anymore… Ersan Ilyasova and Jennings were dealt to the Orlando Magic for a young stud PF. A great deal on paper! But a heartbreaker in […]


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