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Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


TheSportingSnarf  is a website dedicated to the enjoyable, humorous, and nuanced aspects of the sporting and (to a lesser extent) pop-culture world.  We attempt to touch upon (in varying degrees of print/video length) engaging topics which are not discussed nearly enough. We’d love for you to give us your perspective, network, and participate regularly. But if you’d just like to join in on the mob-mentality and get all sanctimonious on a particular sports figure — head on over to (Mickey Mouse welcomes you.) Or you can keep it real with us.

Ryan Braun of Milwaukee Brewers tests positive for performance-enhancing drug – ESPN

National League MVP Ryan Braun, who last season led the Milwaukee Brewers to their first division title in nearly three decades, has tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug and faces a 50-game suspension if the initial finding is upheld, two sources familiar with the case told “Outside the Lines.” via Ryan Braun of Milwaukee Brewers […]

Bluffing Elky

Bluffing Elky

Technically, I was a professional poker player at age 16. I made 2k+ a month for 6 straight months my Junior Year of HS at 17, the most consistent stretch I ever had to actually participate without life’s distractions. In college, I beat one of the winningest player in online poker history, Elky, in my […]

The NBA: Where Racism Happens?

In October, when an amicable end to the NBA lockout looked unlikely at best, Bryant Gumbel made headlines for criticizing the league’s intransigence during negotiations. In a controversial commentary, he accused NBA Commissioner David Stern of acting like a modern-day plantation owner and “treating NBA men as if they were his boys.” Gumbel was roundly […]

NBA Heats Up

Miami has made their expected splash, retaining James Jones & Mario Chalmers, while signing C Eddy Curry and Shane Battier. They are in rumors of Chauncey Billups… Speaking of Mr. Big Shot, The Pistons added Tayshaun Prince, again. They are cutting Rip Hamilton and also keeping Jonas Jerebko. Tyson Chandler – NY Knick. Caron Butler – […]


This week, I made a general joke stating, “I guess I’m just a simpleton.” A friend replied, “I don’t think you’re simple… snarf,” echoing “snarf” perfectly, as only a snarf could. It was the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time.

Grand Rapids and ’30 Minutes or Less’: How city plays major role in movie |

Its official premiere took place Monday night in Los Angeles, and although attempts were made to arrange a Grand Rapids event, scheduling conflicts with cast members prevented it. Grand Rapids-based theater chain Celebration Cinema staged an “Aziz to G.R.” campaign on Twitter, but the star tweeted in reply, “Unfortunately with the ‘Parks and Rec’ shooting […]

BULLSHIT (Pujols Take)

BULLSHIT (Pujols Take)

Pujols could have had it all, but instead he chose $254 million – MLB – Baseball News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and Standings. This MMC thinks that Pujols chose LA over St. Louis for 30 Million extra over 10 years. I doubt it. He hasn’t commented yet, but his Hispanic background probably has more to […]

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