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March 2011
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Heat vs Cavs

I might be enjoying the game if  we weren’t  forced to listen to the CLE announcers.

"Alright, I'll get unreasonably loud and you yell AT THE Q"

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  1. Young Snarf Young Snarf
    March 29, 2011    

    WOW cavs won. “King James” later went into stat-padding mode by scoring Miami’s final seven points.

    That’s from’s heat cavs notebook, published by Brian Dulik. Weak. Stat padding? Nerd overload…

  2. baichocoli baichocoli
    March 30, 2011    

    Too bad Dan Gilbert is a petulant moron

    • baichocoli baichocoli
      March 30, 2011    

      Good point. Are we sure he isn’t somehow related to John Boehner?

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