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Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


TheSportingSnarf  is a website dedicated to the enjoyable, humorous, and nuanced aspects of the sporting and (to a lesser extent) pop-culture world.  We attempt to touch upon (in varying degrees of print/video length) engaging topics which are not discussed nearly enough. We’d love for you to give us your perspective, network, and participate regularly. But if you’d just like to join in on the mob-mentality and get all sanctimonious on a particular sports figure — head on over to (Mickey Mouse welcomes you.) Or you can keep it real with us.


“… becoming more prevalently understood with each videotaped incident of police and their brutal over-responses to black citizens” “If… ‘we don’t second-guess police officers in their split-second, under-pressure decision-making,’…If this wasn’t a mistake in the execution of police business, what would one look like?” “…when is perception alone predicate for lethal force? The officer shot […]

A Legend Is Born

The full version of this clip can be seen here: Detroit trailed 24-3 against Cleveland in Matthew Stafford’s rookie season. Not only does he bring them back, he injures his throwing shoulder on the second-to-last play, earning them a first and goal, then re-enters the game for the final throw. This still brings tears to […]

Lions Ride High

At halftime, the Lions learned how to tackle, turning a 20-17 lead into a 32-17 final. San Francisco’s backup took them down on the opening drive for a touchdown, largely due to insanely sloppy tackling. Luckily, we returned the ensuing kick to the 40, and at least responded with a field goal. The next possession […]

Mark Jackson Nails It

…he’s hurt the game. And what I mean by that is that I go into these high school gyms, I watch these kids and the first thing they do is they run to the 3-point line. Source: Mark Jackson Says Stephen Curry is hurting basketball – Thank god he spoke up… this is his […]

Pistons Disappoint in Atlanta

First of all, you can’t enter Christmas bitter, so let’s acknowledge we were 5-23 at this point last year and similar (4-20 ish?) the season before. SO, being 17-13 or whatever is a solid starting point, for sure. How did we earn those early wins? By playing hard, notably on defense. We’re becoming a little […]


Because they easily could have not. You could see the dismay on Matthew Stafford’s face at times: the QB takes that win or loss. But, his wideouts, tight ends, and running backs played exceptional, allowing Stafford to set another Lions record with the highest completion percentage (88%) in our history! YES! Hey, it’s been hard […]

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