Pardon my excitement, but this was truly a one of a kind NFL season. Early on, there were all these awful injuries. I know it’s the game, but you at one point see the Lions game pause for a family member to come out of the stands, and it stops you in your tracks. They walk along the ambulance, and it happened with Michigan & Mike Hart too. So when #3, my brother’s number, fell down for Buffalo, I hate to admit but I felt like the world was experiencing what we went through as a family. It is important sometimes to realize how much bigger sports are than winning.

Which is what brings me back to the Lions. The reason I hold so much distain for the haters is I would always rather have fun and enjoy football by playing as a team and doing the little things right, even if I lose, knowing I’m giving it my all. Vs. being a fan of a team like the Patriots or Packers, where you HAVE to win and if you don’t you pout.

I adore my Wolverines, but I grew up a Spartan because the culture of always HAVING to win is TOXIC. Our motto was: if we win, we party. If we lose, we party. I enjoy Michigan football more now that we have been humbled, the Rich Rod and Brady Hoke eras, to me, have made Harbaugh that much more special.

So never forget Cubs fans. They had over 100 years to give up. But they just kept showing up to the stadium they love, in the city they love, to root on the team they love, win or lose. It’s why I’ll be rooting for the Bills to win the Super Bowl. I love when fans, real fans, get to finally experience that victory.


For us Lions fans, for the 4th time in 32 years, we tasted that at Lambeau last night. That’s a walk-off into the sunset, Detroit ♥