My dad (oldschool) and I caught the two championship fights Saturday night, and they did not disappoint.

The first was my favorite. Miesha Tate finished off Amy Schumer’s lookalike Holly Holm in the climactic final minutes. The first round, they just barely touched each other. I guess all Holm does is use her giant legs and stand her ground, avoiding the takedown.

Tate got her down in the second round and beat the living shit out of her. It’s the ground and pound, a brutal feature of this “sport.” Hella entertaining, but violent. You couldn’t help but root for Tate, who genuinely wanted to mix it up against the upstart-possibly lucky for beating Ronda Rousey-Holm.

But after five minutes of whooping her, Tate couldn’t get her on the mat for the next two rounds. It really made you root for her with the boring ass white bitch just prancing around like an ugly-bunny rabbit on steroids.

And then, with two minutes to go in the final 5th round, she did it. She got Holm in the chokehold, withheld a flip by her opponent to try and throw her off, and held on to the point of tapping out…. WOW! It was awesome! Crazy, insane, perhaps unnecessary as a sport, but fuck it for the moment…. wow!

Next up was the Irishman Conor McGregor, who came out dancing to “El Chapo,” by the Game. Too much swag… and wow is he an athlete. He can really move his feet, the barefoot brawler appeared to glide as he danced around the octagon. His opponent was a bullish puncher who stood three inches taller. His ugliness only grew as McGregor pummeled him repeatedly in the face, drawing first round blood.

And our boy HAD HIM in round two, but this larger, heavier weight-class of a snarf was just absorbing the beatdown He looked like 10th round Rocky at this point, but he proceeded to finally hit the Irishman a couple of times. And it was like the brawler in him couldn’t let it go.. he was on his knees and bumrushed Nate Diaz, stunning himself into submission and eventually being forced to tap out with a minute to go…

Disappointing ending for sure to what could have been the bloodiest five rounds ever. We wanted more, but the bullrush probably cost the McGregor, who was very humble in defeat. He’ll be back… and so will I, for better or worse, to witness this brutal sport.