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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Sporting Snarf is a website dedicated to the enjoyable, humorous, and nuanced aspects of the sporting and (to a lesser extent) pop-culture world. We attempt to touch upon (in varying degrees of print/video length) engaging topics which are not discussed nearly enough. We'd love for you to give us your perspective, network, and participate regularly. But if you'd just like to check a score, read a game-story, or to join in on the mob-mentality and get all sanctimonious on a particular sports figure -- head on over to (Mickey Mouse welcomes you.) Or you can keep it real with us.

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Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope: I’m thinking of leaving Pawnee. Moving to Chicago. I just need to make sure that the future is secure around here when I leave, you know? Allison would become April and then April would become me. I mean, let’s face it Ron, I love you, but you’re hopeless without me. Ron Swanson: Blueprints for the future are [...]

Tiny Toons: Respect

▶ Istanbul – Tiny Toons

One of my all-time favorites!

Two Mexican Dances for Marimba –...

Here is Hall’s bio from his website ( ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL PERCUSSION / ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL TIMPANI David Hall, has been Assistant Principal Percussion / Assistant Principal Timpani with the Grand Rapids Symphony since 1987.  As one of America’s leading marimbist [...]

▶ Rilo Kiley – With Arms Outstr...

‘Breaking Bad’: Watch Pau...

‘Breaking Bad’: Watch stars read final scene | Inside TV |    

Beautiful End to Eastbound & Dow...

KENNY YOU ARE A REAL MAN His speech about already being a success as a dad and husband had me balling.

▶ Anders Osborne with Monk Boudreaux ...

Treme: Shame, Shame, Shame

The Wire Vs. Breaking Bad

What a strange comparison. The Wire is completely fact based. A former Baltimore detective and a Baltimore Sun reporter created the show. It will never, ever be approached. Breaking Bad is pure entertainment. It is one of my favorite shows of all team, but it is fictional. Such a strange comparison. The Wire gets respect because that’s [...]

▶ Breaking Bad Aaron Paul on The Pric...

OMG Paul makes it all the way to the end but comes up $132 over and loses the showcase. Is this kid fucked or what?


RIP, Walter White

You won. “The story of a man became, in its final hour, the story of a legend. It seems Walt’s hollow boast at the end of Season 4 was premature, not pathetic. In the end, he really did win (Crapland).”

▶ “The Beaver Song” [[Ful...


▶ Dream of the 90s – Portlandia


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