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SNL Weekend Update: Al Franken and Jeff Sessions 

Don’t stop, SNL, you on fire…

Weekend Update: SNL’s Savagery on Drumpf & GOP

Complicit – SNL 

Jeff Sessions Gump Cold Open – SNL

I’m not alone… thank god for SNL.

Brilliant South Park Tackles Trump

You can always count on Matt Stone & Trey Parker to deliver the news. I think it’s important for all you apathetic snarfs I already called out – since many of you arrogantly watch South Park, to admit that even a show on Comedy Central cares more about our country than you. So put down […]

The Most Beautiful Thing in the History of Time

Weep would be an understatement. God bless Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton the two most beautiful women in the world (plus my mom and future wife, lmao…) But for real. I am sickened that the American people are still so close-minded. I leave you with this: if we all stayed the same – wouldn’t that […]

South Park: We’ve Been There 

LP – Muddy Waters

“Release Me” – Corrina Repp

Folk Uke – Motherfucker Got Fucked Up

But while Folk Uke is below-the-radar, its members aren’t, exactly: they’re Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie, whose respective fathers (Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie) are both folk-music royalty. (For Cathy, the lineage goes back even farther: Woody Guthrie is her paternal grandfather.) Source: Vanity Fair

Marvel’s Luke Cage 

Mike Colter

Hour of Darkness

Just finished season four of “Orange Is the New Black,” and with a full moon in the sky and Melania Trump stealing Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008 – you would think we were all turning into monsters. How else can you describe the tyranny in this mad world? While the show is partly fictional, it’s […]

Comedy Bang! Bang! ‘Oh Hello Show’ ft. John Mulaney & Nick Kroll | IFC 

They’re Ba-ack!

They’re Ba-ack!

Apparently, Netflix just picked up an animated show staring our boys! John Mulaney and Nick Kroll will star in Big Mouth, with the two Gs as teenagers going through puberty!

“Bye, Bye Li’l Sebastian”

The epic ballad from the season six finale of Parks and Recreation: Here’s the best quality version of Guardians & his band: And here’s the cast singing it:


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