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July 2015
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Talkin’ Baseball ~ Terry Cashman

The Devil Breaks It Down

Listen up, snarfs!

See You Next Season, Last Man!

See You Next Season, Last Man!

When Will It End?

You might not like the way Baltimore is handling it’s situation, but this is really not about just them. How long ago was Trayvon Martin? And how long in general do black people have to be our subordinates? This a country that desperately needed a civil rights movement within the last century to end all […]

New Season, Inside Amy Schumer 

Sorry, Jameis Winston:

Daniel Johnston – I Killed the Monster

“Six White Complainers”

“Six White Complainers”

OneRepublic – Secrets

The Beach Boys: Kokomo

The Office: Nobody but Me

RIP Colbert Report

You came in when we needed you most, mid-George W. Bush. What would we have done without your humor in such times of lunacy? Now that we’ve finally elected a black president, we can only hope we’ll be safe without you. Thanks, G.

David Simon on Capitalism

During a November 2013 speech at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney, he said that America has become “a horror show” of savage inequality as a result of capitalism run amok, and that “unless we reverse course, the average human being is worth less on planet Earth. Unless we take stock of the fact […]

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