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THE FUTURE – Teal Swan 

The Buzzkill (How To Deal With Positive Emotions) – Teal Swan 

Instant Belonging – Teal Swan

TRUST (What Is Trust and How To Build Trust In Relationships) – Teal Swan 

Find Your Balls, Nerds

There is a huge chunk of apathetic voters I’ve been discovering in the medicinal marijuana community. While some people, like myself, are activists who helped put the issue on the ballot in ’08, helped elect a Democratic President who successfully legalized it in states across the nation, and tried to undue the ill effects of […]

The Secret of Suffering – Teal Swan 

Winning & Losing

As I sit watching the Tigers, I realize how little I’ve learned in 2+ weeks moving into this new house. You see, we didn’t watch TV at all until this past Tuesday. And in those two weeks, oldschool and I felt a vacation-like peace emanating all around us. We watched the Grand River flow, listened […]

Repressed and Suppressed Memories – Teal Swan

The Octopus Technique – Teal Swan 

The Tarot and How To Use Tarot Cards – Teal Swan

How to Find The Root Cause of Your Illness or Ailment – Teal Swan

Leading Horses to Water

All Eckhart, the Swan, and anyone can do is try and help you, show you the route, and hope to God you listen. This isn’t church, no one’s forcing you to do anything… but good luck making decisions out in the real world when you simply do not know who you are. I know after […]

The Sacred Directive of Relationships – Teal Swan

Teal Swan’s New Site!!

Working Together…

Tuesday is finally the finale for our girl Hillary and the Democratic nomination process. (Tell that to Bernie Sanders; no, seriously, do. Oh, you did, Obama? Good.) I want to say how much better we are as a society when we pick each other up instead of bullying down. When we open our walls to […]

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