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Nightmares (The Solution To Bad Dreams) – Teal Swan

Is It Useful? (The Usefulness Tool) – TEAL SWAN 


“… becoming more prevalently understood with each videotaped incident of police and their brutal over-responses to black citizens” “If… ‘we don’t second-guess police officers in their split-second, under-pressure decision-making,’…If this wasn’t a mistake in the execution of police business, what would one look like?” “…when is perception alone predicate for lethal force? The officer shot […]

Eckhart Tolle: Dealing with Death

Eckhart Tolle: Mastery of Life

Words of Wisdom from a G

Global Warming, You’re Killing Us

Remember that article I wrote about finding a rhythm, globe? Apparently, not. We must keep up the good work Obama and snarfs like Bill Nye are putting out. Obviously, it’s obvious shit if you’re liberal, but the Republicans are like babies. We must educate a snarf.

What’s Up, God?

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” God is like Voldemort, what, we can’t say his name? Why not? If there was any type of god, they wouldn’t mind you asking questions, for that would only bring the two of you closer together. Isn’t religion fear-based, just like the […]

Global Warming Destroying December

If there was ever a wolf in sheep’s clothing, aka some kind of “devil,” look no further than global warming. She comes in dressed in warm weather, reminding you of spring and summer in late fall and into winter. In actuallity, it’s not a magical reprieve from the cold: it’s catastrphic extreme climate changes we’re […]

Teal Swan Lands in Paris Just in Time

Eckhart Tolle on the Refugee Crisis in Europe

The Gift of a Game

Most people have at least one game they like to play… softball, cards, chess, checkers. Offer to play your loved one’s favorite game in a non-competitive spirit. Introduce cooperative games. We’re winners whenever we share an experience.

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