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SNL Finishes Off Trump

Michael Moore Predicts Electoral College Upset

Electoral College Eve

Well, this is it. The electoral college will cast their ballot today, and for me, personally, it will play a large part in whether or not I still stand up for this country. Granted, I’m not going anywhere (yet), but I always believed in our democracy. And to me, it would be inexcusable for the […]


EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW MY HILLARY PEOPLE ANONYMOUS KNOWS THAT DRUMPF HACKED US WATCH: Here is the transcript: We are Anonymous and we have been gathering bread crumbs left by the Kremlin operatives who conducted the cyber Pearl Harbor attack on America’s electoral infrastructure. On June 6th, 2015, Vladimir Putin signed the […]

The Return of the Snarf

Ever since election day, many of us, including myself, have felt sick to our stomachs at the prospect of President Drumpf. But, as more and more information comes to light, it appears our feelings were justified all along: Russia rigged the U.S. election for Donald Drumpf. The biggest regret I have from the last month […]

Wanting More

I don’t feel satisfied at all with the results of the election. To me, there was sufficient enough cheating to warrant a full recount nationwide. How can all of these little things, like more people voting in four Wisconsin precincts than residents that even live there, not trigger massive nationwide alarm bells? According to local […]

Republicans Caught Cheating in Wisconsin

Even before this week’s recount, several thousand extra votes were found in favor of Donald Drumpf in small counties in Wisconsin. Some precincts lazily reported more votes than people resided in their area, forcing an internet outrage. EVERY SINGLE EXTRA VOTE was for HIM. They tried to say it was simply a calculator error – that […]

Super-Obama to the Rescue?!

Barack Obama is reportedly is looking into Russian contact with Drumpf during the election. They came out in celebration as soon he won, and they’ve admitted they were behind Wikileaks…   Source: Obama Is Now Looking Into Drumpf’s Ties To Russia That FBI Ignored The Obama administration is reviewing the Democratic Coalition’s investigative report highlighting ten “clear […]

WELL DONE, Apathetic-America!

WELL DONE, Apathetic-America!

Nothing like being legitametly scared for our lives! The out-of-touchness inherent in so many white conversations since the election is sickening – and it’s mostly white people, but some others, too. This bitter dissecting from the Bernie Sanders crowd mixed with untimely lies and horrendous reporting from our national media led to the most disinformed […]

Imploring Decency from Drumpf

Heart Broken

Can’t believe I even have to write this. What an awful night – I truly cannot believe America chose a con-artist over a qualified candidate just because she was a woman. You’d have thought after eight years with a black President, our country would progress. Instead, uneducated white people elected one of their own despite […]

Drumpf’s WRONG: America’s Already Great! 

Finish Line

Well – if the Cubs can do it, why can’t a woman?! Here we are snarfs – final day. Last chance to ensure that a dictator doesn’t make it near the White House. The goal is to turn out in such high numbers we run him the hell out of town! I just voted… it’s […]

Hillary Clinton/Donald Drumpf Final Pre-Election SNL

This is so, so important America. I’ve been writing articles for over a year not just warning us all about the perils of a Donald Presidency, but the innate charm and grace of Hillary Clinton, who should become our next president on Tuesday. Make sure you vote. It will matter and impact the entire world […]

The One & Only Keith Olbermann Obliterates E-Mail BS

"Worse Than Watergate" indeed. The Comey/Chaffetz/Trump lie is as evil an assault on a free election as we've had — Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) October 31, 2016


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