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The Sporting Snarf is a website dedicated to the enjoyable, humorous, and nuanced aspects of the sporting and (to a lesser extent) pop-culture world. We attempt to touch upon (in varying degrees of print/video length) engaging topics which are not discussed nearly enough. We'd love for you to give us your perspective, network, and participate regularly. But if you'd just like to join in on the mob-mentality and get all sanctimonious on a particular sports figure -- head on over to (Mickey Mouse welcomes you.) Or you can keep it real with us.

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Best President Ever

“President Barack Obama said Friday that Sony should not have pulled “The Interview” after a North Korean hacking, and he pledged to answer the attack. “We will respond,” he told reporters. “Sony’s a corporation. It suffered significant damage, there were threats against its employees,” Obama sa [...]

Jon Stewart Tears Apart Doubters of E...

Disastrous Election

The Republicans were in shambles after losing in 2012, clearly divided on major issues like birth control, gay rights, schools, giving away our jobs overseas ( Thanks to proper aggressive campaigning, Barack Obama slaughtered Mitt Romney. We should have rode that momentum into [...]

Elect Mark Schauer for Michigan Gover...

The election is one week away, snarfs, so let’s start campaigning. Schauer is the Democratic nominee, and that’s really all you need to know. Snyder has trashed our schools, taxed the elderly, and undone the beautiful breaks we had provided so filming on movies could take place here. Any Republican MUST BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE COME [...]

Governor Snyder on Wrong Side of Law

“Michigan last week became the 18th state to legalize gay marriage. But Gov. Rick Snyder is still standing in the way. Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette, both Republicans, fought vigorously to uphold Michigan’s 2004 gay marriage ban. On Friday, federal Judge Bernard Friedman eviscerated their case in his decision, writing [...]

Justin Amash!

“Getting fatter off your tax dollars!” Here he is in 2012, still a young buck: No corporate money, yet (aww). Here he is in ’13 and ’14, fresh off an anti-Subway diet: Vote for him, if fat slobs are your thing. #AMASH14    

Seth Rogen Opening Statement (C-SPAN)

Rogen said everyone left, including a fake ass Congressman who took a photo with him before hand for his social media, except two snarfs. One by one, they disrespected him and filed out. I’m glad he’s exposing what assholes they are. Let some change happen or be removed from office in the fall, snarfs.

Fuck Justin Amash

DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS SNARF, HE IS THE DEVIL. Little bitch doesn’t know anything about poor people. Health care is so necessary, fuck face.

NFL Needs Medical Marijuana

Is it time for the NFL to embrace marijuana? – ESPN The Magazine – ESPN. Great article by HoBo. Actually alleviated any and all guilt I had remaining as a snarf with a fractured calcaneus repaired by several screws. “pain — and not politics or culture — is the real issue.” “And given that marijuana is [...]

Suck It Haters: Obama Is Killin’...

Jobless rate falls to 7% The economy added 203,000 jobs last month as the unemployment rate fell to 7% — the lowest level since November 2008. via For example, professional and business services added 35,000 jobs. The transportation and warehousing se [...]

Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act

People aren’t sure why they hate Obama, but they do. *RACISTS*

Facebook Founder Supports Keystone XL...

Did we just hear that correctly? Is the political group backed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg launching a seven-figure ad campaign that supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and building the risky Keystone XL tar sands pipeline? This makes no sense, but it’s true. And there’s no way, as avid Facebook users, that we’re gonna [...]

Grand Rapids Marijuana Decriminalizat...

“It’s been almost four months since the voters said ‘we don’t want our citizens to be criminals,” Hoffman said. He notes it passed overwhelmingly, with 58-percent of voters in favor. “So it may not be a big deal to some people but to those people who are getting lifetime criminal records it’s a big deal, right?” Hoffman proposed. via Despite [...]


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