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RIP Colbert Report

You came in when we needed you most, mid-George W. Bush. What would we have done without your humor in such times of lunacy? Now that we’ve finally elected a black president, we can only hope we’ll be safe without you. Thanks, G.

Happy Thanksgiving, Snarfs

Please, enjoy Clippers/Pistons.

Monday Night Madness

Red Wings 4-3 Ottawa trailed 4-1, trying to snarf Detroit in the third period to no avail; Stephen Weiss scored two goals in his second game back Clippers Over Hornets Los Angeles picked up the slack on the road after falling yesterday in Memphis – Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Jamal Crawford each poured in over 20 points Buffalo domin [...]


Happy Veteran’s Day! THANK YOU


My schedule was yanking and twisting over the last several days to seemingly set me up, magically, for the 9:30 AM ET wake up call that was the scheduled start time for the Lions in London. I woke up at 5:30, had a few Heinekens, and settled in. It was a beautiful day in Michigan, not a cloud in the sky, really. The weather was decent in Engl [...]

Peyton Manning Sets NFL Career Touchd...

And the Denver Broncos thrashed the San Francisco 49ers 42-17 on Sunday Night Football. Manning didn’t disappoint the national television audience, marching Denver down the field in their opening drive and finding his receiver to come within one touchdown of the all-time record. He promptly tied it on his next possession, finding Wes We [...]

Big Day for Detroit

Let’s rock downtown like we did for Monday Night Football, baby! This time, it starts at Ford Field. Look for the Lions to build on their previous two wins with Reggie Bush getting involved early – we can’t forget to get him going, that’s how he eventually explodes. If Matthew Stafford can keep making steady decisions, [...]


Best Day Ever.

Derek Jeter – My Way

Another Snarf Production:

They Don’t Write Them Any Bette...

It was the final home game at Yankee Stadium of Derek Jeter’s career. The Yankees led 5-2 going into the 9th inning. Baltimore hit a two run homer to trail 5-4. They tied it up on a solo home run. All of that had to happen so that in the bottom of the 9th, it could be tied. A leadoff single was bunted over to second, and low and behold, [...]

Incredible High School Football Speec...

The Day South Park Burned the NFL to ...

With a Washington Redskins firework display.

Magical Night in Motown

(Well, don’t just sit there – celebrate!)


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