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Hey Putin: YOU SUCK!

At one point do we reject the internet as a trusted source? Not Not normal websites. Twitter. Facebook… aka rumor mill. I am just stunned by the self-assuredness behind so many people nowadays who are dumb as fuck. It’s almost as if anonymous social media has dumbed down the water cooler conversation to a […]

OBAMA Feelin’ Himself, Destroys Republicans & Drumpf

Best for Last

I had a feeling Hillary Clinton, being prepared, experienced, and educated, would save her best debate for last. She was sharp as a hawk tonight, giving the bully Donald Drumpf everything he shot at her and more, refusing to surrender to his endless psychopathic lies. It started out with abortion, where he outlined his medieval […]

BOREDOM – Teal Swan 

SNL Opening for the Ages

Like What You See?

God Bless Michelle Obama

Fact Checkers Destroy First Debate

# of semi-true statements: Hillary 0 Donald 4 # of false statements: Clinton 0 Drumpf 21 # of true statements Hillary CLinton 25 Donald Trump 2 If you are even considering voting for this madman you are either a downright racist or complete fucking moron!

Ultimate LOSER Drumpf

Creepy Mike Pence Fact Checked & Exposed

Beautiful Breakdown of 2nd Debate

The Final Meltdown!

The GOAT Obama Begs America to Keep His Legacy Alive “I Will Consider It a Personal Insult”

Here We Go Again, Donald

How fucking dumb do you think we are, Russia/Drumpf? For reals. It came out yesterday that, much like when Melania Drumpf thought she could copy and paste Michelle Obama’s speech as her own and get away with it – that Russia published the dinkiest of excerpts from Hillary’s e-mails that used a Newsweek’s column as […]

Where Do We Go from Here?

I think we were just bombarded with so much bullying, maniacal pacing back-and-forth and looming, destructive philosophies, denial, lying, and downright sickening comments from Drumpfenheim that you might have gone overboard if not for the smooth retorts of Hillary Clinton. It was fitting to have a woman open the debate in contrast to his recent […]

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