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Losing Legends

Recently, the Great Gordie Howe as well as the GOAT – Muhammad Ali, passed away at their respective impressive ages. Without many of his former childhood icons, my father, oldschool, a Detroit disciple from the ’50s, lamented, “When Al Kaline passes, that’ll [kinda] be it…” And he’s right. Kaline in the booth for the Tigers […]

Leading Horses to Water

All Eckhart, the Swan, and anyone can do is try and help you, show you the route, and hope to God you listen. This isn’t church, no one’s forcing you to do anything… but good luck making decisions out in the real world when you simply do not know who you are. I know after […]

The Sacred Directive of Relationships – Teal Swan

Teal Swan’s New Site!!

“There Are Things Worth Fighting For”

“There Are Things Worth Fighting For”

So Samwise-Gam-G told Froto Baggins in Lord of the Rings… and so stands America with a choice: to stand up for something, whether it be women’s, LGBT, minority, disabled, or worker’s rights, climate change, sound economic policy (holding big business accountable, not giving the rich tax breaks, not wasting money at war…), etc. you really […]

Ladies & Gentlemen…

Ladies & Gentlemen…

Working Together…

Tuesday is finally the finale for our girl Hillary and the Democratic nomination process. (Tell that to Bernie Sanders; no, seriously, do. Oh, you did, Obama? Good.) I want to say how much better we are as a society when we pick each other up instead of bullying down. When we open our walls to […]

I’m aware of fear that is almost continually in me: Eckhart Tolle Now

How To Use Your Intuition (The Inner Voice) – Teal Swan 


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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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