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Dear Lochte,

If it was “your time” (Lochte Targets Phelps: “This Is My Time”), you’d have won the relay for us after Phelps handed you a full second lead. Sincerely, USA

Never Seen A Real Olympic Moment?

This is for the Ye Shiwen haterz. …dug at those difficult questions that come when a human being does something we assumed was out of reach. “The rebuttals came hard and swift. USA Swimming released a statement distancing the organization from Leonard. An International Olympic Committee spokesman noted Ye passed her drug test after the […]

France Vs. United States – Hello Olympic Style Ball

The United States was desperate enough – heaving 25 3’s and making 8. The bench was 1-11 while the starters were an impressive 7/14. Meanwhile, France lost by 27. How? Despite a similar field goal percentage (39.4%) to the USA’s 43.1%, they went 2-22 from downtown. That’s right: 2-22. Starters 0-10. Can you say clown […]

Olympic Opening Ceremony… and We’re Underway!

Olympic Opening Ceremony… and We’re Underway!

Year of Lochte?

Ryan Lochte took gold, as 2004 & 2008 Gold Winner Michael Phelps didn’t even make the podium, placing 4th. The event was the 400 individual medley (IM), and Lochte’s time of 4:05:18 beats Phelps’ world record by 00:00:07.

Ranking Douchiest Olympic Sports

1. Water Polo – Swim or play soccer, not both at the same time. 2. Lacrosse – Event in 1904, 1908 (Let the DOUCHES PLAY) 3. Horse Riding (Real Polo) – They stopped in ’36, ending horse suffrage. 4. Golf – T Woods bout to let that Gold Chain Hang Low 5. Soccer – Always […]

Forgot About Phelps?

Forgot About Phelps?

I did! 8 Gold Medals in ’08, that electrifying relay win… welcome back, London.

Michelle Kwan Lyra Angelica at 1998 US Nationals

YouTube. Kwan never won an Olympic Gold, but damn could she skate.

Usain Bolt BOLT: When people see your personality come out, they feel so good, like they actually know who you are. ESPN: That’s a beautiful thing. It takes a lot of courage to do it because a lot of people …  B: Don’t like it.

Queen Olympics: Nicki vs. Gaga

Queen Olympics: Nicki vs. Gaga

Hard to even go there, but hey, it’s a beautiful collision… I vote: Nicki Minaj – I’M THE BEST *Pink Friday with lyrics Don’t get me wrong, I stay bumpin’ that Lady.


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