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Destroying Golf

“Ah! What a great day to step out onto an over-irrigated golf course and play a game that wastes vast acres of usable and farm-able land.” -Marky, Arrested Development

David Price Tosses One-Hitter in Return to Tampa

…and he has to take the loss! C’mon, Tiger bats!! Detroit squandered the gem of a performance, failing to score for Price in nine innings. A first inning error put a Ray on base, who scored on a triple to the wall that Torii Hunter seemed too lackadaisical on. After that, our boy Price did […]

Michelle Wie Wins U.S. Open

Michelle Wie Wins U.S. Open

A name. Whoa. An actual name in women’s golf. I can’t name any others.  This is the first women’s golf post ever. Wie is like Tiger Woods – anytime the minority beats the all-white club, it’s on. It’s interesting. For once. 

Can’t Take It No More

Sorry, Jose V. I may have looked foolish defending you, but I know when to quit. And after that second solo shot in the 9th tonight, the time was upon us. No more. You are back to last year’s meltdown form, I’m sorry. You gotta go, and we need to acquire someone strong. An otherwise […]

Ranking Douchiest Olympic Sports

1. Water Polo – Swim or play soccer, not both at the same time. 2. Lacrosse – Event in 1904, 1908 (Let the DOUCHES PLAY) 3. Horse Riding (Real Polo) – They stopped in ’36, ending horse suffrage. 4. Golf – T Woods bout to let that Gold Chain Hang Low 5. Soccer – Always […]

Irony Out of Hand

According to four people with direct knowledge, Mickelson sent a text message to PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem from the sixth fairway at Muirfield Village suggesting that a lack of policing fans with cellphones was getting out of hand. via Phil Mickelson texted PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem from fairway at Memorial about cellphone usage […]

Golf: Who Really Knows?

Golf: Who Really Knows?

Is McIlroy number 1?  NO ONE WOULD RECOGNIZE HIM AT MY LOCAL MEIJER. T-Woods? Fasho. “The Meijer test.” When was the last time you watched a major?

T Dubb

T Dubb

As you see, categories are renamed… let’s be real: golf is gay. Unless its Tiger! “ I could hear the security behind me. I was still bent over my putt. And when I looked up (the hot dog) was already in the air. ”— Tiger Woods HAHAHAHAH (

Tough To Tiger Bash: Giant Shit Taken By Old Caddie

Tough To Tiger Bash: Giant Shit Taken By Old Caddie

Right on Tiger’s bag. Pick it up, bitch. He wins the tournament with new gay partner Adam Scott… and golf is back to being deathly boring.

Golf: Back to being Lame W/o TWoods

Seriously, no one cares at all about the British Open.

Scale of Sweetness (Athlete Mugshot Edition)

Scale of Sweetness (Athlete Mugshot Edition)

Shall we rank Athlete mugshots from lamest to G’est? Let’s. 1.5 — The Polar opposite of G’ness: Jon Daly   3.3 –It’s alright if you’re afraid (especially Bob Ryan): Jason Kidd   4.9 — Mug shots are soo blasé: O.J. Simpson   5.2 — Is WWF a sport…well if golf is…?: Ric Flair   5.9 — […]


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