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Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles King...


Tremendous Season, Red Wings

Sorry those bastards couldn’t skate with you and resorted to cheap shots. With our young guns, as usual, we ain’t goin’ no where.

Sick of the Boston Beatdowns? Me, Too

It’s not from a lack of Red Wing skill. This is becoming outrageous. We’re being bullied out of the playoffs. Detroit won game one 1-0 and has dealt with cheap shots ever since. I’m sick of 6’10” Charo thugging his way through our more talented players. If they want to stick us in the balls, bang us illegally, an [...]

Red Wings Take Game One

Jimmy Howard and the Detroit Red Wings shutout the Boston Bruins to win game one. Howard stopped everything the Bruins threw at him. He made some amazing saves, or they’d have definitely scored. Neither team could break the silence for two periods. However, Pavel Datsyuk passed it to himself through his legs, then took a shot with three [...]

Red Wings Clinch Playoffs

It’s the longest active streak in the four major sports: 23 years in a row Detroit has made the NHL playoffs. Detroit outplayed the Penguins in Pittsburgh, but they fell 4-3 in a shootout. We led 1-0, then they got a cheap penalty and scored. We led 2-1, but they got a power play (cheap?) and scored. Down 3-2, Detroit rallied in the wan [...]

Mike Babcock Becomes Red Wings All-Ti...

The Wings bested Buffalo on the road 4-2. We stayed knotted at zeroes for the first period, then the Sabres scored first to start the second period. Detroit responded with Brendan Smith’s 5th goal of the season to tie it. Buffalo found themselves up 5 on 3 shortly after the tie, but the Red Wings killed the penalties successfully. Jimmy [...]

Red Wings Win 4th in a Row

The Red Wings shot out to a 3-0 lead in the 1st period and did not look back. The last-place Sabres got beat 3-2, largely due to the Buffalo defense making some lucky stops.

Red Wings Down Boston!

After a one to one tie from two periods of play, the Boston Bruins scored their second goal at the beginning of the 3rd period. However, the resilient Red Wings answered with two more of their own to win in Detroit. In a scrum in front of the net, dirty Boston knocked Tommy Tatar’s helmet off. Tatar was able to kick the puck over to Tom [...]

Red Wings!

Another clutch win for the best franchise in the NHL. Can’t stop Nyquist.

Red Wings Beat Maple Leafs in Toronto

Snarf’s stars of the game: **** Hat-trick Helm *** Goalie Jimmy Howard ** Brendan Smith saving the goal late * Gustav Nyquist’s goal 4-2 final.

Tough Loss for Red Wings

Trailing 3-1, there was a great feeling after Tomas Tatar scored back-to-back goals to even it. Even behind 5-3, the Wings battled and got one back, coming up just shy. We’re not done yet.

Back-to-Back Snarfages for Reds

Gustav… Gustav… The Wings trailed 2-0 until Nyquist, above, scored our first goal from a magnificent pass. Sheahan kicked the puck to himself to control it, then passed it in front of the goalie to Gustav. Then, Nyquist equalized the game in the second period with his 10th goal in the last six games. Ahhh, keyboard burned me. Too [...]


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