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November 2015
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Silver Bowl

These are my dad’s two favorite teams: the Oakland Raiders and the Detroit Lions. The winner – the team best wearing the legendary silver. For the first half, the Honolulu Blue clearly complemented it best. There was nothing going for Oakland offensively. Detroit, on the other hand, marched down on their first drive to kick in […]

Actin’ a Fool

GOAT BAHTLES Through Injuries to Set All-Time Passing Yards

GOAT BAHTLES Through Injuries to Set All-Time Passing Yards

Classic Goat.

Lions Refuse to Lose

Admit me: Just like Ronda R., no one expected Detroit to enter Lambeau Field and leave with the victory. Call us “Amy Schumer,” cause we knocked those mother fuckers out! Due to the plethora of weekend action, I woke up late in this affair, Lions leading 12-3. Credit our defense for keeping Green Bay in […]

The GOAT Chases in on the All-Time

What to make of – BAHH-BAHH, El Peytono Manninga about to become the NFL’s All-Time Passing Leader? Allow me to put this into some perspective: Brett Favre Johnny Unitas Joe Montana Every other QB in the history of man Why didn;t #18 set the record in Indy, the place who attempted to remove Peyton’s soul? […]

Denver Robs Peyton’s Glory

We had ’em. After trailing 17-0 in the first half, a clutch return in the final seconds of the second quarter gave us hope at halftime. Peyton Manning wasted no time in the second half, tying the game at 17 in large part due to a 60-yard bomb to Emmanuel Sanders for the score. The […]

Lions Fire GM & President

Lions Fire GM & President

How Denver Dismantled Aaron Rodgers

I didn’t dissect this game Sunday night fully due to the forced celebration of my birthday: nothing I could do about it. Let’s begin with every one of you haters out there that was talking shit about the GOAT. Peyton Manning outperformed Aaron Rodgers so badly it ended up being the least amount of passing […]

Peyton & Broncos Salute $narf’s Birthday!

Gracias, mis amigos!

Lions Completely Blowing Season


Peyton Lets the Haters Hate

6-0, motha fuckas. Keep wasting that air space with yo bulllllll-shiiiiit!


Theeee Lions Win! An all-time game from Matthew Stafford rocket fueled Megatron and co. to our first win of the young season. That’s right, folks – we can still turn this thing around! We sent our offensive coordinator to the booth where he belongs; I loved seeing StaffSauce scramble more. He’s young, and as long […]

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