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AFC Championship Game: Missed XP After Weak Fumble

AFC Championship Game: Missed XP After Weak Fumble

Cam Newton Starring in Eek! The Cat

Cam Newton Starring in Eek! The Cat

Peyton and the Denver Broncos Ride High

With stellar defense from start to finish (and a sheriff under center), the underdog Denver Broncos completed the dream season with a 24-10 victory on Super Bowl Sunday. Lady Gaga clearly rattled Carolina with her sexiness, broadcasting one helluva national anthem to boot. They elected, despite being a high-scoring, 1st half team, to kickoff after […]

Congratulations, Denver: Now Take the Final Step

What a road to the Super Bowl. I thank backup Brock Osweiler for not letting us fuck up the first round-bye, likely a savior to rest #18. The defense is carrying us, and I think they will keep going hard. So, the offense needs to keep putting drives together slowly and steadily to allow adequate […]

Back to the Super Bowl

The Denver Broncos resiliently cashed in their check to Super Bowl 50 by beating the cheating, evil New England Patriots 20-18 in the AFC Championship. We came out crushing their weak-ass. The defense wasn’t letting them put any drives together, and Peyton Manning took the offense down on their opening possession for the TD. He […]

Denver Broncos Advance to AFC Championship

What a gritty, grind-it-out game. Reminiscent of Tony Dungy during Peyton Manning’s time with Indy, Denver utilized the field goal to conquer their opponent in a defensive war. Despite their offense being banged up, Pittsburgh’s notorious D was difficult to overcome. Fortunately, the Broncos were aided by excellent field position all game and especially early […]

Lions Settling Like Tigers

The new GM has elected to keep Jim Caldwell. So, like the Detroit Tigers, they must BE INSANE. Because they are repeating the same action over and over again, yet expecting different results. Gheesh. Detroit deserves better. Here are some good quotes from The Detroit Free Press: Was it the generally poor game management? Was it […]

Watching the Bengals-Pittsburgh Game Like

Watching the Bengals-Pittsburgh Game Like

Ride Off into the Sunset, Lions

THIS IS ALL ABOUT MEGATRON. ABOUT STAFFORD. ABOUT THE PLAYERS WHO ROSE FROM THE ASHES OF A BURNT DOWN SEASON TO WIN SIX OF EIGHT, CAPTURING OUR HEARTS AGAIN. I will really miss these Lions. I know we’ll be back next year, but if someone slightly less moronic coached the season, we’d be getting ready for the […]

Peyton Manning Returns

All that was missing was the invisible horse Manning strode in on. With five minutes (or something to that effect) remaining in the third quarter, after five turnovers from Brocky baby, the GOAT re-emerged to take his place in the pantheon of greatness. Willis Reed. Michael Jordan. Not Lance Armstrong. Manning moves into a story […]

A Legend Is Born

The full version of this clip can be seen here: Detroit trailed 24-3 against Cleveland in Matthew Stafford’s rookie season. Not only does he bring them back, he injures his throwing shoulder on the second-to-last play, earning them a first and goal, then re-enters the game for the final throw. This still brings tears to […]

Denver Finally Finishes Off Bengals

Denver Finally Finishes Off Bengals

What the hell – did these Broncos watch the footage of the Lions game and decide to do almost the same thing, not tackle really at all in the first half but then dominate the second? So strange. A.J. McCarron, the backup for Cincinnati, earned the start and took them down for two consecutive touchdowns […]

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