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Sign of the Apocalypse

According to TheWashingtonPost, this woman found a crow at the Redskins’ game and held onto it for 45 minutes. Nice, Redskins fans.

Peyton Manning Sets NFL Career Touchd...

And the Denver Broncos thrashed the San Francisco 49ers 42-17 on Sunday Night Football. Manning didn’t disappoint the national television audience, marching Denver down the field in their opening drive and finding his receiver to come within one touchdown of the all-time record. He promptly tied it on his next possession, finding Wes We [...]

Detroit Lions Storm Back on Saints

Oldschool had to take the reigns for this game – a little too early for snarf. Here’s what I learned in hindsight: The Lions trailed 17-3 without Calvin Johnson, and Golden Tate stepped up huge. It was a game of high penalties and too much passing. Olds said they baited us into the shootout. Luckily, Joquie “Believe” B [...]


Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen called for the NFL to suspend Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict for intentionally trying to injure him and quarterback Cam Newton following touchdowns in Sunday’s 37-37 tie. Video shows Burfict twisting and “cranking” the ankles of both players after they scored. “Puni [...]

Lions Defense Dominates in Minnesota

Without Reggie Bush or Calvin Johnson, the Detroit Lions beat the Vikings in Minnesota 17-3. There is much to celebrate, for the defense sacked Teddy Bridgewater eight times (most since ’97), picked him off three times, and didn’t allow a single touchdown. However, the Lions put way too much pressure on themselves down the stretch [...]

Lions Get Their K

Stay off that liquor and it’ll all be good, pro-bowler! This could be the final piece to the puzzle – we have the top-ranked defense but were 4/12 on FG’s. We got the coach and the QB… just keep everyone healthy for the playoffs.

Lions = Matt Prater

Time for the Lions to sign Matt Prater – Pride Of Detroit. A + B = C


Best Day Ever.

Valiant Peyton Comeback

Manning scored two fourth quarter touchdowns, including one with under twenty seconds left to force overtime in Seattle. His drive took forty seconds without any timeouts left. The Super Bowl rematch was much more respectable, even without the neutral field. Denver’s much improved defense only allowed three points in the second half. Un [...]


The Lions answered every one of $narf’s checklists by the end of the game: dominant defense, running game, and finishing drives. Our defense was the MVP, dropping Eddy Lacy for a loss on Green Bay’s opening drive and forcing him to fumble. The Lions then took the ball to the house, setting the tone in their return home with a 7-0 [...]

Failure to Finish Dooms Detroit

(Belated Week Two Recap) There’s no way the Lions should have played like they did in Carolina. We squandered several strong drives on missed field goals, a fumble, and too much passing. Scoreless for 30 minutes, Detroit trailed 6-0 at halftime. That was bullshit. Two 49-yarders sailed wide from our rookie kicker, who must wake the fuck [...]

What Is Wrong with Us?

Let’s just beat the shit out of our women and kids… that’ll get them in line!! That’ll TEACH THEM!!! “Reversing course on Wednesday, Bush said he does not utilize corporal punishment, which roughly 70 percent of Americans said they support in 2010 and 2012, down from about 84 percent in 1986.” via Reggie Bu [...]


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