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Lions Storm Back to Feast on Thanksgi...

A 12-year old set the stage. This young phenom of a singer came out and reverberated the best national anthem I’ve ever heard, crushing the crescendo’s each step of the way. As his voice raised for “Rockets red glare,” my body shook with emotion. I was stunned and impressed. He finished the anthem STRONG, making me cry [...]

Richard Sherman & Doug Baldwin O...

Fuck the Patriots

“ We took a knee, so I cut the nose. They went for a touchdown at two minutes — they could have taken three knees and the game could have been over. I mean, it’s football. You want us to keep playing football? Let’s play football. ”- Lions center Dominic Raiola, explaining his late cut block on Patriots defensive lineman Zac [...]

Good Luck Lions

It’s going to be cold. As we saw in Michigan & Michigan State’s games, sometimes it’s hard for the receivers to hold onto the ball. Oldschool and I noticed it right away, and sure enough, the lone interception for the Wolverines was on a loose ball in the air after the receiver couldn’t catch it. POUND THE RUN AND [...]


At the Coliseum, Oakland beat the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20 on a last-minute drive. Rookie QB Derek Carr led his Raiders 80 yards in seven minutes, completing a fourth down and three other third downs along the way. Carr found James Jones in the end zone with under two minutes remaining for the go-ahead touchdown. With one last chance, the Chi [...]

Matthew Stafford of Detroit Lions Fas...

Games Matthew Stafford 71 Dan Marino 74 Kurt Warner 76 Peyton Manning 78 — Elias Sports Bureau via Matthew Stafford of Detroit Lions sets record for fastest to 20,000 yards passing – ESPN.

Carson Palmer’s ACL

Waited right until he got that new $50 million dollar extension… then told itself, “Snap.” C’mon, Cardinals: it’s Carson Palmer.

Give Michael Sam A Chance

C’mon, NFL – let a G play.

Detroit Lions 2014 – Detroit Vs...

So proud.

Lions Do It Again!

The comeback kids make it three games in a row! Matthew Stafford connected with Theo Riddick in the back of the end zone with under one minute left for a 20-16 Lions lead. Miami took advantage of two Detroit miscues: their lone touchdown came via a blocked punt, and the Lions threw an interception after having just picked one themselves. Next [...]

Lions Strategy Vs. Dolphins

First of all, congratulations to the Lions for displaying Detroit so proudly in front of the world last Sunday. Let’s ride that high into our home crowd for sixty minutes Sunday. With Calvin Johnson back, the Lions will be tempted to pass it tomorrow. However, check out these stats for the two teams that beat the Dolphins solidly this s [...]


My schedule was yanking and twisting over the last several days to seemingly set me up, magically, for the 9:30 AM ET wake up call that was the scheduled start time for the Lions in London. I woke up at 5:30, had a few Heinekens, and settled in. It was a beautiful day in Michigan, not a cloud in the sky, really. The weather was decent in Engl [...]


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