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Lions Bounce Back to Beat Bears

Detroit simply dominated a game they’d end up barely winning. Our defense completely held the Bears in check. “Dark eyes” Clausen looked like every bit the spoiled brat. The Lions featured Reggie Bush on their opening touchdown drive. Bush made a huge play on a 4th down then rushed for a score on the next play. He’s ba [...]

Wired for Sound: Lions vs. Saints

Manning Wins Division with Stomach Fl...

Sick as a Dog The internet had the gaul to make fun of Peyton’s block at the end of the first half. Manning, playing with the flu, stepped in and threw an unexpected block (successfully) when his running back changed course. Oh, just the flu, you know, that forced puking Peyton to take four bags of intravenous fluids between Saturday ni [...]

Lions Clean Up Vikings

Almost caught us napping on America’s “Game of the Week.” Detroit trailed 14-0 to fucking Teddy Bridgewater AT HOME before storming back to finish the game with 16 unanswered points. BIG UPS to the defense, including that blocked field goal. Also, Matt Prater drained all three of his kicks, scoring ten of our sixteen. Matthe [...]

“Nothing Is Given”

While visiting a children’s hospital, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick took on a nine year-old in Madden. Apparently, he took it completely seriously, going for two and kicking an onside kick with the lead. “He attempted to justify the surprise onside kick by pointing out that Cowboys fullback Tyler Clutts walked in fro [...]

Broncos Stave off Bills

24-17 You think Peyton cares about records? He’ll run that ball all day.

Lions Take Down Buccaneers

Detroit’s defense dominated Tampa Bay, sacking their QB six times, picking him off twice, and recovering a fumble en route to their 34-17 win. With Reggie Bush healthy, the Lions came out with a balanced running attack and kept at it for four quarters. Bush looked good in his return, getting back up when he was hit hard and mixing in th [...]

Quintavious Johnson National Anthem i...

Broncos Field Goal Chiefs to Death

‘Twas a cold, windy night in Kansas City. Not a first down could be gained by Alex Smith. Peyton Manning drove Denver down for two touchdowns to start the game, running the ball nine out of his first 12 plays. The first score was a gorgeous deep lob that seemed to fall from the sky into Demaryius Thomas’ hands. Thanks to two addit [...]

Lions Storm Back to Feast on Thanksgi...

A 12-year old set the stage. This young phenom of a singer came out and reverberated the best national anthem I’ve ever heard, crushing the crescendo’s each step of the way. As his voice raised for “Rockets red glare,” my body shook with emotion. I was stunned and impressed. He finished the anthem STRONG, making me cry [...]

Richard Sherman & Doug Baldwin O...

Fuck the Patriots

“ We took a knee, so I cut the nose. They went for a touchdown at two minutes — they could have taken three knees and the game could have been over. I mean, it’s football. You want us to keep playing football? Let’s play football. ”- Lions center Dominic Raiola, explaining his late cut block on Patriots defensive lineman Zac [...]

Good Luck Lions

It’s going to be cold. As we saw in Michigan & Michigan State’s games, sometimes it’s hard for the receivers to hold onto the ball. Oldschool and I noticed it right away, and sure enough, the lone interception for the Wolverines was on a loose ball in the air after the receiver couldn’t catch it. POUND THE RUN AND [...]


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