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U.S. Routs Finland to Begin World Cup...

Finland was 0 for 17 in the second quarter, missing all six 3-point attempts, and missed 19 straight shots over the second and third quarters via U.S. dominates Finland in FIBA basketball worlds opener – ESPN.

Andre Drummond Makes U.S. World Cup

Gordon Hayward, Damon Lillard, Kyle Korver, Chandler Parsons among final U.S. World Cup cuts – ESPN. “Maybe it kind of catches people by surprise. Yes he’s young, but a 7-foot, 280-pound guy who can run the floor the way Drummond runs and who protects the rim … when you describe all the physical attributes, that’ [...]

Silver Surfer Needed Again

Adam Silver swooped in to ban Donald Sterling (effectively as a distraction during the 2014 playoffs), but now, he’s back in the spotlight. Endlessly. This is exhausting, Adam – it’s BULL SHIT. Get rid of this mother fucker once and for all, or we will all continue to suffer. Doc Rivers will leave. Trust me. So will Chris Pa [...]

Hey White Basketball Players,

Want to stop being compared to other white basketball players? Then stop being the same guy. -You can shoot (jumpers, free throws, 3’s) -You’re not quite as athletic as your peers (slow, awkward, stiff) -You look like a model, but you can’t play defense to save your life Add it all up, Dougie McD, and you’re just anoth [...]

Which Is Better for LeBron James: Cav...

My thoughts exactly: So, in overall, things were done exactly as they should have in Miami. The Big Three came together, did what they had to do, won two championships and took the Heat to the NBA Finals four consecutive times. That’s a great achievement and the entire Heat Nation deserves credit for it. LeBron James’s tenure in Miami was suc [...]

Andre Drummond Selected to Team USA

Our boy is one of 19 competing for the final 12 spots for the “World Cup of Basketball” (used to be called World Championships) in August!

Dan’s Open Letter

Since he recently removed it from the Cavs’ website, here it is! The worst portions are highlighted (and it was so comical in hindsight, my comments are in blue): Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert posted this letter on the team’s website after LeBron James’ announcement he was leaving for the Miami Heat. Dear Cleveland, [...]

Big Night for State of Michigan

Nik Stauskas, Michigan, #8 overall to Sacramento Kings –   Adreian Payne, Michigan State, #15, Atlanta Hawks Gary Harris, Michigan State, #19, Denver Nuggets Mitch McGary, Michigan, #21, Oklahoma City Thunder Glenn Robinson III, Michigan, #40, Minnesota Timberwolves

Moment of the Draft

Isaiah Austin, a seven footer from Baylor, found out when he went in for his draft physical that he has Marfan syndome, a heart disorder. It means he cannot play in the NBA. Adam Silver elected for the NBA to draft Austin, anyways. Between the 15th and 16th overall selections, Austin was able to walk on stage and have the moment he deserved. [...]

LeBron James Is a Real Leader

“I live too much in the moment. I can’t worry about what goes on after this series is over with. Win, lose or draw, I live now and worry about the future once it’s upon me.” “I won’t change my approach,” LeBron James said. “I hold guys accountable. I don’t let things slide. I hold guys acc [...]

Season on the Brink

Time to man up, Miami. You’re our only hope…

Miami Earns Split in San Antonio

Once they got the building working, it was much smoother sailing. Miami won 98-96 behind LeBron’s 35 on 14-22, including six straight to start the second half. Chris Bosh drained a three with just over a minute left for a two point lead, then found Dwyane Wade under the bucket for the game-winning basket with nine seconds left.


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