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November 2015
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Early Season Struggles

The Clippers and Pistons better pull their head outta they ass RIGHT NOW.

Sir Charles Nails It

It all is starting to make more sense to me. We’re in the PC-era of sports: like in south park, the politically correct machine has become the offensive, no-defense allowed mantra. We can’t hit in football, check you in basketball, or seem to appreciate small ball in baseball, allowing every sport to be sensationalized. And […]

Welcome to the Central, Cleveland

You think you can come into the Palace, play that pussy one-on-one, and escape? Wrong! The Pistons righted their ship after dropping four in a row (all in California) by beating Cleveland 104-99. Detroit started strong and rode the effort to 55 first half points and a one possession game. Stan Van and Reggie Jackson looked […]

Come Home, Pistons

Fuck Cali.

Clippers + Pistons = Holiday Season

Clippers + Pistons = Holiday Season

God bless them boys in Red and Blue. Personally, I’d be lost without this game. I talk the Eckhart Tolle talk, but I’m still working on the walk. Fortunately, when my two teams meet, I can drop back and be the spectator I’m supposed to be. In this Saturday afternoon affair, Los Angeles was still without […]

Ancient Chinese Saying…

If the Clippers fall in Phoenix, but there’s no one there to see it, did they really lose? Unfortunately, yes. What is happening? (Apparently, BG was ejected in the 2nd Quarter…) Check out this bull shit: Redick? Back Spasms. Paul? Groin. Shut the fuck up, Reggie. U’d be twice as whiny on half the call! […]

Clippers Survive at Buzzer

It was the type of back-and-forth affair we’ve come to expect from Memphis-Los Angeles. The Clippers trailed two with one minute remaining, only to find J.J. Redick alone for the go-ahead three. After earning a stop, we found Redick from deep, again, where he was fouled. LA pretty much had the game in hand, but […]

Pistons Hold Strong on Road

Fuck the Warriors. Little ass, cheap ass, weak ass Warriors. If you didn’t cheat to beat the Clippers and Pistons, we could each be 6-1, one game ahead of yo gay ass. Detroit was within four going into the final quarter when Golden State took down the unstoppable Reggie Jackson on a last second take […]

Pistons STUN Trail Blazers in 4th

Don’t call it a comeback. For real, don’t. Because by the end of the final frame, Detroit was in complete control of the game. Despite trailing by as much as 18 in the 3rd, the Pistons stormed back to actually lead by double-digits themselves in a 120-103 stomping of Portland. My dad and I missed […]

Clippers Fight Valiantly Sans Paul

We outplayed Houston at home, beating them every quarter until we failed to close them out. You know our point guard was missing, as we let our lead slip in the waning minutes of each frame. Chris Paul (says Doc Rivers) will only miss the one game. And I just want to congratulate the Clippers […]

Pistons Back Up Morris

Last season, Phoenix traded Marcus Morris in unglamorous fashion away from his twin brother and to the Detroit Pistons. As Justin White would say in a really cheesy voice: “Their loss. (Awkwardly long pause) And our gain.” True, though. Morris was determined to make a statement in his return to battle the Suns last night. […]

Clippers Start Season 4-0

We’re going back a few days to celebrate this G win on $narf’s bday, and to commemorate a great start to the season for both LA and Detroit. Credit that Clippers bench for looking new and improved. Keep up the hard work and have a great 2015-16, boys!

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