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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Not Bad

In the history of the NBA, no other player had scored a Game Seven series-winning field goal (defined as a field goal that put his team ahead to stay) with as little as one second remaining on the clock. Previously, the latest series-winning field goal in a Game Seven was scored by Sam Jones on […]

Clippers Do the Impossible

San Antonio was determined early. You could see how hard they were trying, taking a 19-11 lead. Nonetheless, all we had to do was sustain momentum until they tired out. We essentially tied it by the end of the first, down 30-28. This is were we began a story. It will become folklore over the […]

Clippers Aren’t Done Yet

Los Angeles came out hard, taking an early lead and frustrating the Spurs. Popovich resorted to Hack-A-DeAndre right away, fearing his opposition. There was more early reffing B.S., too, letting San Antonio tie at right before the first ended. The fouling got intentional fast in the second. Even though DeAndre drained many attempts, a lot […]

Clippers Fucked Hard

Clippers Fucked Hard

It was actually a really close game. Another great effort in a loss by my Clippers. We led by five after one quarter, starting the contest on a strong run at home. Our owner was like a little kid enjoying the array of dunks. It was LA by one at halftime. All the Spurs could […]

Clippers Answer the Bell

A lesser team would have used the opportunity on the road to mail it in. But, like the Red Wings yesterday, this was simply not the case. LA played hard for four quarters and pulled away in the fourth. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin led the way, with Doc Rivers’ son Austin and Jamal Crawford […]

Never Fucking Forget, Clippers

I want every Clipper fan to remember what we’ve been through. I want every member of the Clippers to imagine me as an 8th grader in Rockford with their pictures on my agenda being made fun of because, “I thought I was black.” I want Doc Rivers to remember what a horrible leader Vinny del […]

Popovich Is a Fool

Here is a nice article breaking down just how dumb Hack-A-Center is: “…the cumulative effect of intentionally fouling him hurt the Spurs more than that free throw percentage suggests. Offensive Rebounds -We got them on 2 of Jordan’s 5 tries at the end of game two “That isn’t some fluke. FiveThirtyEight found that the Clippers rebound […]

DeAndre Jordan ROBBED

Add it to the inspiration, Jordan – your award will be out there to take back tomorrow.

Clippers Play Perfect Game 2

The Spurs were trying so hard. But LA rope-A-doped them, keeping pace enough to force overtime in an eventual loss. The reffing was overwhelmingly one-sided. Joey Crawford, after all, is still alive. While the old geezer means well, it’s like watching your drunk grandpa be in charge. It’s a goddamn NBA playoff game, right? Doc […]

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