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Chris Paul: Bang, Bang

Hell of a Ride

It was a low-scoring turnover affair to begin. Everybody had those game seven jitters. Luckily for Houston, they were at home. The shots didn’t click for LA in the first half. We trailed ten at halftime, even though the Rockets looked terrible. I’m just gonna say it right now: we ran out of gas. Every […]

Sleep Well, Clippers

Sleep well..

What Is in the Water?

It defies logic for all who witnessed game six in Los Angeles. We choked, bad, despite playing at one of the highest levels we’d reached all series only minutes before. Once you can explain to me how we busted out of a 64-62 halftime to play solid defense and dominant offense, get both James Harden […]

Down But Not Out

We blew this one. I’ll give ya that. But respect. Here comes a recap from the wretches of my soul (NONETHELESS WE ACCEPT THE LOSS AND PLAN ON LEARNING THE FUCK FROM IT): ‘Twas extremely low-scoring to begin, with every shot clanking iron. Nonetheless, LA stayed so close until the final three minutes of the […]

Game Four Meltdown

Dwight Howard really let his team down in this one. He picked up two quick fouls (it’s about time) and sat on the bench for most the first quarter. That’s when Houston started intentionally fouling DeAndre Jordan. My-oh-my did they foul him. The first six minutes were relatively low scoring, then with the clock stopped […]

Shooters Shine in Paul’s Return

Chris Paul made his return to the court Friday night. He looked limpish but still solid as always, inspiring everyone with his presence. The game three at Staples Center went back-and-forth to begin, with Paul handing out five assists in a high-scoring start. Los Angeles pulled away for a first quarter lead. We scored 33 […]

Best Chris Paul Impersonation

Derrick Rose banks in game-winning three over Cavs at buzzer in Chicago!

Clippers Can’t Push Past Houston

Just like many against the Spurs, this was a heartbreaking close playoff loss. This is how the game began: a blind Joey Crawford called my center DeAndre Jordan for his second foul of the game when Dwight Howard shoved him in the back into the opposing player, maybe three minutes into the game. For the […]

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