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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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It’s officially reached LEVEL 5 of CATACLYSM. IF WE DON’T FIGHT FOR OUR PISTONS RIGHT NOW – WE WILL LOSE THEM. Gore has done nothing but dissemble our great franchise since he took it over. He’s a classic rich brat who thinks he can demand winning. He’s about to force Joe Dumars to resign. Who the hell does he th [...]

“Twitter War”

That is literally a headline as one of five Sportscenter “Topics” on ESPN. That’s a top five ESPNer: “Twitter War.”

What the Fuck?

The lead on ESPN is our boy Schwartz getting canned, but Michael Shumacher in critical condition barely makes it? HE’S DYING YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES. Goddamn.

Rick Reilly’s Confusing Contrad...

Way to take a stand, Rick. Your article is massively confusing. You defend the term Redskins, but your own father-in-law said this: Guess we need to listen to people who are offended by the Kansas City Chiefs‘ name, too. That’s one that offends my father-in-law. “You see some little guy wearing a headdress made of chicken fe [...]

How Stupid Is ESPN the Mag?

I sent this to them: My name is Eric Ralph and I am a subscriber to ESPN the Magazine. You sent me the 9/16/13 issue with Canelo Alvarez on the cover. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since you mention my city in the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. article, I assume you know HE IS FROM MY CITY. How do you give me the cover with Alvarez instead of Mayw [...]


PAT CAPUTO: Reality sets in that Detroit Tigers are not quite as good as advertised – No one should ever read this snarf. The Tigers and Indians might be tied, and we might want to step it up, but in no way are we “not as good as advertised.” Fuck this dude. This really sucks coming from a local paper. H [...]




How is an aging athlete using human growth hormone to extend his career any different from any one of us taking a blood-pressure lowering drug to extend our life? via Ray Lewis’s Deer Antler Spray Was Another Imaginary Drug Scandal. MAYBE BECAUSE ONE IS LIFE AND DEATH We don’t want to lose the human aspect of our game. Getting old [...]

TheSportingSnarf – Ahead of the Curve

Snarfland says TheSportingSnarf said– Thor Bosh, Superman James, and Batman Wade Take Game 2. We wrote the superhero take back in April, with an Avengers comment: Young $narf April 30, 2012 at 11:08 PM | Permalink Even the Avengers come together. Catch up CRAPLAND!

Rob Parker: Cornball Reporter

That’s why you suspended, BITCH

Tell ‘Em Stephen A. Keep sleepin on the Clippers if you want, Skip. Bitch.

Bill Simmons: “The Cheesy Nerd&...

Now that you insist on being serious… you aren’t funny! You think it’s cool to say “The Peyton Manning Experiment in Denver has gone horribly wrong” just because his throws look like noodles? SO WHAT THAT THEY DO SOMETIMES. HE’S STILL THROWING DARTS AND WINNING. You can’t make it out like it was a bad [...]

ESPN: Crap

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten about Jones, because apparently so have the Cowboys. Jones has touched the pigskin a total of nine times in four weeks, and this won’t change as long as DeMarco Murray remains healthy. Tue, Oct 9 via Snarfs vs rose Box Score: Week 6 – Free Fantasy Football – ESPN. Ensuing Sunday: [...]

Contrived Clowns

Wouldn’t know real if it bit them in the ass! #LetGo $

Afternoon Ramble

I don’t think you can work for ESPN and stay relevant. Everyone is so distracted by all the hype, rarely do rational articles get written. When you’re constantly worrying about other writers, the ass-kissing atmosphere is so fake nothing real is ever produced.


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