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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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It’s officially reached LEVEL 5 of CATACLYSM. IF WE DON’T FIGHT FOR OUR PISTONS RIGHT NOW – WE WILL LOSE THEM. Gore has done nothing but dissemble our great franchise since he took it over. He’s a classic rich brat who thinks he can demand winning. He’s about to force Joe Dumars to resign. Who the hell does he th [...]



Northwestern Wildcats Football Takes ...

“The NCAA invented the term student-athlete to prevent the exact ruling that was made today. For 60 years, people have bought into the notion that they are students only. The reality is players are employees, and today’s ruling confirms that. The players are one giant step closer to justice.” via Northwestern Wildcats footba [...]

Strike Debt! – Debt Resistance ...

Strike Debt! – Debt Resistance for the 99%. Fuck those loan sharks! …being turned into what credit financiers call “revolvers”, the most desirable customer out there, the kind that month after month pays off their interest without making a dent in their principal balance via The Average 25-Year Old’s Debt Has Grown 91% in th [...]

“Twitter War”

That is literally a headline as one of five Sportscenter “Topics” on ESPN. That’s a top five ESPNer: “Twitter War.”

Fuck Justin Amash

DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS SNARF, HE IS THE DEVIL. Little bitch doesn’t know anything about poor people. Health care is so necessary, fuck face.

John Farnham – You’re the...

No More Debating

We all do it. You see some asshole use a racist slur on Facebook or YouTube, and you just gotta say something. You gotta. Or do we?

You’re Losing This One, Biggots

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith blasted a group of anonymous NFL general managers and executives who reportedly believe that Michael Sam has damaged his draft stock by announcing that he is gay. Sam’s announcement prompted two reports, one by and one by, citing multiple league GMs who projected that the defensiv [...]

Peyton Manning “Classiest Perso...

“When I was limping up to my press conference and trying to make it up the stairs, somebody taps me on the shoulder and extends their hand and asks if I’m all right,” Richard Sherman said during the interview. “My eyes try to make it up to see who it is, and it’s Peyton … fully dressed in a suit and obvious [...]

This Isn’t Right

Joakim Noah of Chicago Bulls breaks silence on Luol Deng deal – ESPN Chicago. I don’t really like Noah, to be honest. I’m impressed that he knows how to tie all that hair neatly up into “The Samurai,” as one with long hair, but we draw the line there. “‘The trade definitely hurt,’ Noah said, add [...]

What the Fuck?

The lead on ESPN is our boy Schwartz getting canned, but Michael Shumacher in critical condition barely makes it? HE’S DYING YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES. Goddamn.

NFL Needs Medical Marijuana

Is it time for the NFL to embrace marijuana? – ESPN The Magazine – ESPN. Great article by HoBo. Actually alleviated any and all guilt I had remaining as a snarf with a fractured calcaneus repaired by several screws. “pain — and not politics or culture — is the real issue.” “And given that marijuana is [...]

Oneida Nation Seeks Redskins Name Cha...

Representatives of the Oneida Indian Nation on Wednesday asked NFL executives to sanction Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder for conduct detrimental to the league for continuing to use a team nickname and mascot that “promote a dictionary-defined racial slur.” redskin noun [C]     /ˈred.skɪn/ offensive via redskin noun – [...]

Fuck Irsay

“ Without Peyton, there would be no Lucas Oil Stadium. This team would be playing in L.A. right now. I don’t understand Jim saying this. ” – Tony Dungy, on Colts owner Jim Irsay’s criticism of Peyton Manning via Tony Dungy on Jim Irsay’s comments about Peyton Manning — ‘Jim is making this personal’ &# [...]


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