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Tigers’ Best of 2014

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Lynn Anderson – Rose Garden

Sorry, Royals – ya suck.

How Stupid Is Kansas City?

San Francisco radio stations ban hit song ‘Royals’ in wake of World Series – ESPN. It’s like using Born in the U.S.A. as a patriotic anthem. And we’ll never be royals (royals).It don’t run in our blood,That kind of luxe just ain’t for us.We crave a different kind of buzz. WE’LL NEVER BE ROYALS. [...]

Rajai Walks It Off

Lest we forget who’s the best…

Worst Team to Ever Win the American L...

If you didn’t think these playoffs were fucked, look again… I know first hand how average those fucking losers are, the Tigers beat them every step of the way and in every meaningful game. This is truly the circus.

Alex Avila Not Retiring

Tigers catcher Alex Avila has taken a tremendous beating behind home plate over the years. He seems to catch more foul tips, bats-on-the-backswing and just about every other thing catchers suffer back there. Avila suffered another concussion in the Tigers’ ALDS Game 3 loss to the Orioles, but he says that he’s going to be fine for the start o [...]

Go Get Kirk Gibson

I’ll always appreciate what you did, Brad, but you fucked up the best team in baseball when it mattered most. Game One: You start Max Scherzer over Justin Verlander. That’s a Tiger-criminality, snarf. Verlander is our guy. Did you forget how clutch he was for us down the stretch? You can toss the numbers out for the MVP – wh [...]

MLB Playoffs Are Fucked

We play 162 games and have the shortest first round in sports. NBA – seven. NHL – seven. Can you imagine two division winners playing each other in the NFL opening round? It totally diminishes the achievement that took six months to earn. The Royals suck. The Tigers dismantled them all year long and took the division from them. Th [...]

Tiger Tears

The Tigers fan stopped by RUB barbeque after the Tigers. He saw me sitting at the bar watching football and asked to take a photo. I agreed. “Wait,” his buddy said. “We can’t take that photo. Come on man.” The guy was fighting back tears. That is how upset he was over the Tigers loss. Later he explained: “The Tigers really screwed this up on [...]

Good Luck, Tigers

Don’t forget all the ups and downs you’ve been through… we can do anything together just like we did for 162 games to win our division on the last day. GO GET THEM, TIGERS!

Rabbit, Rabbit

October’s on, snarfs!

Detroit Tigers’ Champagne AL Ce...

Congratulations, boys!


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