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Know what I’m sayin’, Cleveland?

Tigers Utilize Da Walk

Well done, G’s. It looks like Miguel Cabrera set a new personal-best with four walks against Cleveland. We won 4-1, getting back to our early season ways of winning these low scoring games. We simply don’t need to overpower opposing hitters anymore with all this defense behind us. While the Indians and their racism struck […]

Back to the Drawing Board, Tigers

We gotta work that walk, or it’ll be a long season swinging.

We’ll Be Back Tomorrow, Tigers

Our condolences – we were forced to watch the Red Wings. What the hell, world? You can’t schedule the only two Detroit teams alive at different times? Once the Wings won, we were able to catch the bottom of the ninth. Low and behold, we nearly come back to win it. With all the success […]

Tigers Find Another Way to Win

Jose Iglesias is becoming a one man show at shortstop. He dazzled Comerica with more theatrics today, turning swift double plays and finding unreachable throws make their way to Miguel Cabrera. Our team once again used defense and pitching to win a close low-scoring affair, 2-1. Alfredo Simon out-dueled C.C. Sabathia, who went a complete […]

Grand Slam: Return to Sender

Take that, White Sox! The Tigers refused to lose a series yet, returning yesterday’s favor right back to Chicago. Shane Greene shutdown his opposition once again, going seven smooth innings (and aided by four Tigers double plays). Ian Krol and Angel Nesbitt guided us the rest of the way. Let’s begin in the bottom of […]

Tough Day for Detroit

Rest up boys. Listen to and relax. Have a nice night.


Nod to the first African-American player in the history of Major League Baseball. We salute you, Jackie Robinson, and thank you for the unimaginable hardships you endured to help not just the sport we love, but our entire world. Let’s continue to knock down the walls that divide us.

Tigers Victory in Shittsburgh

It was a lovely view we had for three days. I normally like my rivers to be blue, but not in Pennsylvania. You get that nice brown flow going right through your city. So naturally, you build your ballpark right there. Detroit adjusted to all the obstacles in this National League fun house to take […]

Grand Rapids, MI

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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