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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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My Brother’s Birthday at the Ti...

As my brother and I pulled up at the stadium to look for parking, I had a moment: the sight of the stadium in front of me was stunning to see. It’s really chilling to be awestruck as an adult, it brings you right back to being a kid. I was feeling good from the get go. We made our way in, and I broke the ice to a Ravens fan, right next [...]

Tigers Split Series

I will be writing a proper write up of my brother and mine’s amazing day at Comerica Park Wednesday, April 16, once snarf gets his rest. That’s right – it was two days worth of rest-amazing. We really had a blast.

“The Oasis”

I thought this was so spot on I had to post it: “People from foreign non-baseball countries often have trouble understanding why baseball is America’s pastime. The real reason why baseball is so important to America is because every baseball game is surreal and nostalgic. Nothing can beat the moment when you walk in the ballpark and you [...]


April 16, 7:00 PM ET. Look for me.

Tigers 6, Padres 2

Justin Verlander was a one man show. Verlander threw seven innings, only surrendered two runs, struck out eight, walked one, got two hits, and scored. Goddamn. It was his first hit after 27 unsuccessful at bats. He said after the game the other guys have been ragging him every year with new jokes, and he had a big smile at first base after he [...]

Tigers Prevail in Extra Innings

Let’s skip the glossy parts and get right to the meat: Joe Nathan blew another save. And got another win. The Tigers led 6-3 when Nathan entered the bottom of the ninth. As I ate my corndog, everything seemed ok. Then the first run came in via a solo home run. No outs, 6-4. WTF? (I took my plate into the kitchen: “Bad plate.” [...]

Tigers Tie It in 9th, Botch in 10th

Max Scherzer was snarfed out of a game #2 win, so this time he received some win/loss redemption. 007 struck out eight in seven innings of works, surrendering two earned runs. He left with the game Dodgers 2, Detroit 1. We made up for it this time. The Tigers put on an inspiring rally to tie it in the top of the 9th. Ian Kinsler led off with [...]

O’s 3, Tigers 1

Those bastards finally beat us. Justin Verlander threw eight strong innings of two run ball before handing it over to Al-Al in the 9th. Torii Hunter stayed hot, smacking his 3rd homer in as many days for our first run of the game. The Tigers travel to LA on Tuesday.

Tigers Survive Scary 9th to Start Sea...

I hopped on my jinx horse for breakfast. That must be it = The Tigers left me a 7-1 lead and then the Orioles scored five runs. Phil Coke let the first two in, then Al-Al made a nice pitch but the outfield and infield converged and couldn’t get the catch. Luckily, Joe Nathan came in and earned the first save in a Tiger uniform for his c [...]

Tigers Roar

The Tigers (2-0) opened up a three game series with the Baltimore Orioles this afternoon. The O’s scored two runs on Anibal Sanchez to begin the first inning. Classic Sanchez. The Tigers scored three runs by the time I woke up, though, then added three more on a Rajaj Davis blast over the left field fence. With a 6-2 lead, Torii Hunter [...]

Confusing a G

“Bullpen guy [Justin Grimm] told me I had the wrong jersey. I looked and said, ‘Fuck,’” Junior Lake said following the game. The Cubs have two gray road jerseys this year — one with “Cubs” written across the front, the other with “Chicago” on it. They wore the “Cubs” jersey, bu [...]

Tigers Walk-Off Winners Again!

With runners on first and second, Ian Kinsler delivered a shot to the left-center field gap that drove in the winning run for Detroit in the bottom of the tenth inning. Max Scherzer pitched eight scoreless innings, setting up our new closer to blow the first save of the season. Alas, we prevailed in the extra inning thanks to a leadoff walk b [...]

Walk-Off Opening Day in Detroit

What a beautiful opening day in Detroit. Justin Verlander started the game and lasted six innings, surrendering two earned runs. In the second inning, Victor Martinez led off with a dong to right field, hitting the first home run of the year. He worked his ass off last year to get back in shape, so he’s not wasting any time. “I s [...]

Season Opener, Tigers

Monday, 1 PM ET Justin Verlander is pitching against the Kansas City Royals. The Tigers released the starting lineup today: 1. 2B Ian Kinsler 2. RF Torii Hunter 3. 1B Miguel Cabrera 4. DH Victor Martinez 5. CF Austin Jackson 6. C Alex Avila 7. 3B Nick Castellanos 8. SS Alex Gonzalez 9. LF Rajaj Davis With a real closer, more speed, and improv [...]

Tiger for Life

#LockedUp Miguel Cabrera is swag. Miguel Cabrera is a Tiger for life with a contract that will pay him nearly 300 million over the next ten seasons. So smart, Dave D and Mike L. Genius, Detroit, for locking up baseball’s Michael Jordan. The Big Cat is home.


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