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Dave Doubles Down

The Tigers GM was at it twice Thursday, trading shortstop Eugenio “Mr. Suave” Suarez along with a Whitecap for Cincinnati Reds pitcher Alfredo Simon. Suarez filled in nicely for our injured shortstop last season who will now be healthy, along with Andrew Romine as a backup. The West Michigan Whitecap was a former first round pick. [...]

Detroit Tigers Trade Rick Porcello to...

For Porcello, he will greatly be missed. A young stud in our rotation, he was starting to come into his own last season with a few shutouts. The groundballer had to be traded based on need only, for the Tigers have a deep rotation but a poor outfield, especially defensively. Cespedes will provide just that. As one of the best defensive left f [...]

Torii Hunter Rolling Downhill via Anti-Gay Bigot Torii Hunter Calls Reporter “Prick” Four Times. Hunter used to be our boy. His free-swinging ways were a little too much too handle, so the Tigers parted ways. Maybe, it was the perfect time. The usually mature Torii is in way over his head on the issues of sexual orientation. At his welcoming pr [...]

Victor Martinez: ‘This Is Like ...

Earlier this season, V let Dave D know his feelings: “He said, ‘Dave, do you have a minute I could talk to you?” Detroit Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski recalled today. So they went to the back of the clubhouse, into a private locker room and Martinez, representing himself at the moment – “I’ve never done [...]

Thank You, Tigers & V

We love watching you play, Victor Martinez. You’re slow, steady, patient approach was legendary to witness last season. I couldn’t imagine us not re-signing you. It appears the Detroit Tigers have paid V $70 Million for four more tries at the World Series. Es tu casa para vida, senor.

Detroit Tigers Awards Finalists

Victor Martinez, Mike Trout, and Michael Brantley (WTF?) of the Cleveland Indians have been named the three finalists for the American League MVP. We were also among the finalists for Gold Gloves. These Tigers were nominated at their position with two other players: Second Base: Ian Kinsler Catcher: Alex Avila First Base: Miguel Cabrera Kinsl [...]

Detroit Tigers Start Talks with Victo...

DETROIT — “As expected, the Tigers have extended one-year qualifying offers to both Max Scherzer and Victor Martinez, the team announced Friday afternoon. The announcement comes a day after seven Tigers players officially entered free agency. The Tigers had until Monday to extend the offer after the conclusion of the World Series, [...]

Tigers’ Best of 2014

via Video: Tigers’ top moments of 2014 | Your browser does not support iframes.

Lynn Anderson – Rose Garden

Sorry, Royals – ya suck.

How Stupid Is Kansas City?

San Francisco radio stations ban hit song ‘Royals’ in wake of World Series – ESPN. It’s like using Born in the U.S.A. as a patriotic anthem. And we’ll never be royals (royals).It don’t run in our blood,That kind of luxe just ain’t for us.We crave a different kind of buzz. WE’LL NEVER BE ROYALS. [...]

Rajai Walks It Off

Lest we forget who’s the best…

Worst Team to Ever Win the American L...

If you didn’t think these playoffs were fucked, look again… I know first hand how average those fucking losers are, the Tigers beat them every step of the way and in every meaningful game. This is truly the circus.

Alex Avila Not Retiring

Tigers catcher Alex Avila has taken a tremendous beating behind home plate over the years. He seems to catch more foul tips, bats-on-the-backswing and just about every other thing catchers suffer back there. Avila suffered another concussion in the Tigers’ ALDS Game 3 loss to the Orioles, but he says that he’s going to be fine for the start o [...]


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