Ended with me and my girl stabbing the villain simultaneously right in the back with long metal daggers/pole-like long stabs right through him, and I finished it off by ripping it through his brains – you could smell the dead body (like rotten fish almost) even in the dream.

So, how the fuck did we get THERE? Lol. I could swear I was at this elementary school ‘Meadow Ridge’ adjacent to my high school home, chilling in their vast field/park/playground area with a bunch of people, like an event or get together. My childhood best friend, Cam, was with me. And all of a sudden we were under a terrorist-like attack, lol?! Everyone at the park was held captive, but there was only like 2 or 3 people with guns; so when they weren’t paying attention, I tell Cam: I’m running home.

He’s like no! You can’t (you’ll get shot/die)! But I make a beeline lol. The school always had a long winding driveway, I ran to the end but for some reason I wasn’t going to make it 500 yards home lol, and this is when the dream did it’s thing: it’s like the scene changed and I awoke at dusk in a DIFFERENT elementary school, one down the road from my childhood home approximately 30 minutes away from Meadow Ridge called “Sylvan.” I also had a bike now lol.

I got on and rode so fast I mean in the dream I felt like I was riding the same bike I use now as an adult, I could feel my legs peddling with the same strength I do in real life. I made it several blocks right before the 2nd to last turn to my home. They were waiting lol like a whole gang. I veered to the right of one but I was trapped. So somehow I catapulted LOL like rode towards a tree and used it as a spring board to launch myself SKY HIGH and leap over the threat.

I biked away, but then it’s like I arrived at the stash house lol which was definitely my own PERSONAL elementary school, St. Andrew’s. I was huddled to the side in my English teacher’s classroom with two girls and Cam. The girls I believe were Charmayne, my neighbor and other childhood best friend, as well as Kirstin, my St. Andrew’s crush. We huddled close, then the main guy comes in the class as if to patrol and sees me, like fuck boy is back! And he fires two rounds at me, which I dodge, then I hide behind Kirstin who is a strikingly tall woman who somehow shields me from his eyes. Dreamland where you disappear…

And this is where it get’s great. Final scene changes in my brain to an auditorium – it’s as if the whole thing is a play, but yet real lol. Actually no – this is what happened. The evil guy attacks me with this long metal poker, almost like one from a fire place those long iron ones. While he’s trying to stab me, I am courageously trying to grab it from him, placing my hand in harms way. That’s when the scene changes mid battle – it’s like I’m mid fight then we drop in front of a whole crowd. I see Kirstin though, trying to help me as I’m being attacked…

As I finally get a hold of the dude’s weapon, wrestling it from his grasp in a tuggle, Kirstin picks up another iron staff and stabs the man directly in the back. He is stumbling and I instantly do the same with my newly acquired weapon, we both drive the tools through the mans entire body. That’s when I ripped it all the way through finishing his whole head. He seemed to turn into a fish, and the stage had become the river I live on now. I picked him up and threw him into the water. I looked at the crowd and said, “Who wants to go home and watch some football?” They erupt and I start walking out, proclaiming, “LETS GO MY NIGGAS!”

I ran through the theatre doors and I felt extremely emotional like I’d just seen an amazing movie, I was near tears while dreaming! I was super excited to see Charmayne and Cam, who became my college roommate and high school buddy Paul all of a sudden lol. We all walked out then I said, WHERE IS OUR GIRL?! And I ran back to the theatre, which now took me through a mall and up an escalator lol. I saw a girl I had a crush on in high school Brittany then saw Kirstin. I ran to her, and my dad was there too it was cool like he’d seen the movie, too. I hugged Kirstin and couldn’t contain some of the sweetest kisses ever, so delicately right on her cheek then side of the lips.

I woke up and it was super cold, but my balls felt invincible. Great, great dream! I usually run from scary opponents and force myself to wake up – I faced everything.

(side note – I also had a dream I was watching a Clippers-Pistons game at my high school lol. Started in a luxury box showing a g my Clippers shoes then moving behind their bench, where the arena became my HS gym. This was before the adventure dream… I also met DeAndre Jordan at the end lol, who plays for a different team now.

And while I stood behind Kirstin I kept innocently fondling her out of comfort/nervousness, was a very sexually charged victory for her and I lol.)