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How a Real Team Does It

Well, happy early 30th birthday to snarf, because that’s the game I’ve been waiting my entire life for the Detroit Lions to play. They got an early lead, played enough defense to hold onto it, capitalized on the other team’s mistakes, and ran the ball home to a 24-10 victory.

I knew I’d seen that score before. When Denver beat Detroit in 2015, it was 24-12, and the final score of Super Bowl 50 was, sure enough, exactly the same: 24-10. It’s two games where Peyton scored early then just managed a lead with a superior defense. Jim Caldwell is his old coach, and I’m confident this is the right way to win in the NFL.

Why play video game style, like you would with your friends, where risk is kind of fun? Instead when you have a QB like Matthew Stafford in his prime, you don’t waste it – you surround him with athletic receivers and running backs (like we have), build an outstanding defense that breaks up clutch passes at the end, and get a special teams unit that returns a punt for a TD and routinely cashed 50-yard field goals.

The Lions won in weeks one and two because they were the better team. We could use a little less disadvantaging or however you want to say it from the refs… at one point back-to-back holding calls prevented us from doing anything. But it was all about grinding it out, running the ball, and playing D. I am honestly sick and tired of hearing so much trash talk based on statistics that need to be put in context with a game. I heard someone overly focused on fantasy say “Stafford had no yards in the second half,” (which was a lie) – but so the fuck what? His rating was 110+ again, and he managed a la the superior Manning brother Peyton a win for his team by two touchdowns.

A balanced offensive attack is what wins, not constantly going deep or insisting on a certain style to guide you. You must switch it up to confuse the defense, and when you get advantages, you seize them and go for the kill. We ran out sooo much clock in the second half it was sensational. So fuck this Detroit Free Press writer I gotta go carve up now for belittling a great game by a team in it’s prime.

Watching the game with my dad and brother sure felt like a dream come true, too… Monday Night Football.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous
    September 19, 2017    

    This is what I sent them: I really get sick of the cynical tone of writer’s who just don’t seem as invested in the city as I am. For one, here is a much more personal take of today’s game:…/19/how-a-real-team-does-it/ . Furthermore, fuck this garbage title, unimpressive? It’s week two, we make all the right coaching moves (especially compared to those morons) and we run the ball for 60 minutes… every goddamn win in the NFL is hard. ALL OF THEM. IF you think for one minute this isn’t “impressive” you need to find your balls and remember the work it takes to block the New York defensive line. FOOLS. (OH AND FREE PRESS REAL WRITER FOR HIRE RIGHT HERE).

  2. oldschool oldschool
    September 22, 2017    

    Huge Monday Night win on the road and great defense and special teams all night. Running game was clicking which shows how dangerous the Lions can be when we mix it up!

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