Your boy is sitting there in his weed chat, trying to educate people on the way to prevent flooding, as we witness it going down in Houston, Texas. INSTANTLY, people are put off. How in the hell has this become the prevailing verdict in American and somewhat world culture? Where ignorance rules the day and I’m not only attacked, but belittled for trying to help? HELP?!

Seriously though, the same person calling me out for “boring” him with my video I played while DJing about global warming didn’t know whether Canada was in the same country as the United States. That makes him the stupidest person I’ve ever met.

And yet we live in a world where I was the one on trial. Here I am, educating people, and they not only insult me, they prevent me from ever sharing the truth. And the real crime is, my actual friends told me later they were interested, I made good points, and wanted to know.

But asshole who interrupted me: you didn’t go unnoticed. But I did, thanks to you: another TRUMP-era BULLY. FUCK YOU.