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Despicable Donald

That’s it.

Good luck defending Donald Drumpf EVER again, anyone. This was the fear all along: that the reckless rhetoric would become a reality. Yesterday morning, President Dictator tweeted:


I mean, first of all, this goddamn draft dodger couldn’t hold a candle to the men and women of our military, yet was the gall to tweet out the announcement like the coward he is – because he knows it’s fucked.


And sure, it’s a fine distraction from the Russia investigation ( But it doesn’t mean it’s not a denial of civil rights.

Strangely enough, this slap to the face the transgender world may wake up enough people to finally prosecute our corrupt commander in chief, who has laid out all the pieces needed to be processed for impeachment:

We know it’s all a distraction, as wretched as it is, because it’s another big lie:

The Pentagon spent $84 million on erectile disfunction medications in 2014, 10 times the estimated annual medical costs for transgender services.

Military Times reported in 2015 that the military spent $84 million on erectile disfunction medications such as Viagra and Cialis the year before. Meanwhile, a 2016 Rand Corporation study estimated that the maximum annual medical costs for transgender military members would be around $8.4 million, Business Insider reports.

“You’re talking about .000001% of the military budget,” being spent on transgender services, Navy SEAL veteran Kristin Beck, who is transgender, told Business Insider.

Source: Pentagon spends 10 times more on erectile disfunction meds than transgender services | TheHill

More bullshit that will impact many lives, even if it’s never instituted, simply by shaming people for who they are. Please, god, get this man out of our office…

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    July 28, 2017    

    This is exactly what all dictators do. You dehumanize and eliminate the small defenseless people group by group. This is what Hitler did to the aged and mentally ill. What Trump people are following is not democracy.

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