I’ve been wondering how best to introduce our weed-webcam website, and since not seeing my friends for four days, I think I get it now.

For a second after my power went on, I was so excited to login and check out our chat, but the internet is still down. I’m almost surprised how hard it hit me, but upon reflection, my fellow marijuana activists are also a part of my family.

They know me. They know what I love, who I am, and exactly how I look drunk making a fool of myself. When my internet’s connection failed, I burst into tears, not out of pussiness but because of the joy I had felt for a split second thinking I’d see these sensationally beautiful human beings.

I’ve gotten to know people from all over the world for who they are: regular snarfs just like you and me. I sure do miss you guys, & can’t wait to see your faces once again.