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Unimaginable Ignorance

It truly is mind-blowing when, as a reporter, you simply beg people to understand the lies and corruption of President Donald Drumpf and get name-called and have it all thrown back in your face. Kill the messenger is right.

This behavior from Drumpf is nothing new. This is how he rolls, Hitler style, with never ending lies to bait you into forgetting his treason. When it’s all settled, you will see a strategic attempt by Russia to control our entire country.

Just like Drumpf, Vladimir Putin needs you to be so afraid that like some super-hero he swoops in and saves the day. When THESE MADMEN ARE THE ONES CREATING THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Democracy is supposed to be a shared effort, otherwise you have a King, the exact tyranny we all ran away from 300 years ago.

Look, don’t take my word for it. Please, Drumpf fans: give him a google. When you start at the levels of fraud (never paying his workers, stiffing contractors, scamming tax payers with loopholes, his fake University), when you unseat the history of sexual abuse and racism, you’ll see why I refused to listen to any of his lies over the last two years when he was in campaign mode.

I really, really miss Hillary. I was genuinely inspired by her each and every day, seeing her hands on getting results and coming up with actual plans to help people. It was our loss, and I truly believe this is one of the darkest chapters we are living in right now.

So please, average people: unless you’re lying through some hate-mongering agenda, wake the fuck up before we’re all begging for our freedom back.

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  1. M. Potvin M. Potvin
    March 31, 2017    

    All of this is ridiculous to me. I still hope we’re gonna wake up and this will just be a nightmare.. Even worse than straight lying to the people about anything that pleases them, they dared to pretend legit pieces of information are lies and supported it with ”alternative facts”. Can’t believe some people actually believe in these lies.
    Love and compassion from Canada, hopefully you’ll see the end of this dark chapter soon enough.

    • Young $narf Young $narf
      March 31, 2017    

      Very well said… we certainly appreciate the support from Canada, no wonder the travel boards crashed when he got elected with people trying to go north! Thanks so much for stopping in 🙂

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