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Ship of Fools

Today, news broke that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath during his appointment confirmation about contact with Russia during the election. My dad makes a valiant case: if this was occurring during a Hillary Clinton administration, the “JAIL!” chants would be echoing throughout the United States.

Not only (as I sit here in mini-victory rocking my Clinton campaign buttons) is it extremely sad my girl doesn’t get to represent us – probably a better education plan, eh? Maybe a little less racist about immigration?? Oh – and stoners: did Sean Spicer get your attention??? But also, this is exactly what I implored people to realize was occurring time and time again on this site.

At one point during the buffer period from Election Day to Inauguration, I changed my Twitter handle to “RUSSIA = TRUMP.” I couldn’t spell it out more clearly if I rented a billboard in Times Square.

So now, the chief law officer of this land, in charge of ensuring Drumpf didn’t get manipulated by Vladimir Putin, in fact, has also been corrupted himself. Bad.

He says he’ll recuse himself from any investigation with Trump & Russia; not enough. This was an orchestrated affair by everyone who hated Hillary: Russia plus Putin, the entire Republican Party, and all the angry white people who voted for them and continue to blindly support this corruption. CLINTON DESERVES, AFTER STILL WINNING THE POPULAR VOTE BY NEARLY 3 MILLION VOTES IN SPITE OF ALL THE DELIBERATE SABOTAGING, TO BE SWORN IN AS THE 45th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.


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  1. oldschool oldschool
    March 3, 2017    

    The hypocrasy is staggering!!!….. Russian history for the last 100 years is nothing more than political murder, stealing and Hi tech-theft.(like our nuclear program after WWII, google it)….. my god, who in their right mind wants to be more like Russia?

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