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Sick O’ Dis Bull-Shiiiiit

You know what I spent the majority of last week doing? Overthrowing this moron in charge of my weed webcam site, and watching my Democratic Senators in Congress battle the same type of authoritarian moron trying to appoint his conflict of interest cabinet of corruption.

Yeah, it’s one of those cool things about living in a country where they don’t behead journalists to suppress the public from obtaining information: we can watch fucking C-Span or go to and watch that shit live for yourself. I did for Betsy Devos, the c-u-next-tuesday in charge of our department of Education who has never stepped foot in a public schools classroom or held any type of role in the field in her entire life. Not only that, she is from my city, Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I watched her first hand do the damage she will now inflict on our entire country.

DeVos set up a christian high school right next to the apartment complex I lived in for over 20 years. Her and her crooked family got around city regulations to make the lights shine brighter than legally allowed for their Friday night football games plus added extra volume to the audio, forcing us, the neighboring condominiums, and the neighboring assisted living center all to listen at illegally loud levels, possibly impairing people in the handicapped center. I was one of the furthest away and could hear it in my room with all the doors closed.

The point is, this woman has a history of using her wealth and stature in the community to profit off her fellow poor citizens, exactly what she will now do on a national level. This rich bitch has over 100 conflicts of interest she disclosed, and that’s only what she told us about. She has multiple trust funds we know nothing about. And she will tear down the public school system that my mother worked for in the same city, Grand Rapids, for over 30 years to aid the wealthy. There was a mostly black public school down the street from her private one that lacked funding my whole life and still does, while her mostly white school blared music in my face.

If you think the problem is the entire political world, you are so wrong. I watched people like Elizabeth Warren stand up for us on the senate floor and get silenced by her supposed colleagues on the majority side (aka the Republicans who sold their soul to Agent Orange). There are freedom fighters all over this world right now, whether it’s musicians using their platform to dispose of greed and intolerance like at last night’s Grammys, actors of every race giving speeches on the hypocrisy of Trump’s policies, or the citizens continuing to march the streets in protest. The glass is half full.

On our marijuana website, it was easy for basically all of us Senators to pack up and tell our President Putin to fuck off. And we all saw how the justice system dismantled that B.S. ban. SNL continues to rain on Drumpf’s parade… and I will continue to hold him accountable, like his conflict of interest cabinet, for every crooked thing he does. You saw his national security adviser was found guilty of treason, right?


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