Y’all have become so fucking pussy! Do you even know how to make a decision? If so, how? I’m waiting…

We pretend we know what’s going on, but we really don’t. So instead of admitting this, we pretend otherwise. Look, when you can’t make a decision, someone else will do it for you. I hoped I wouldn’t have to devote so much energy to this, but the collective continues to resist “letting go.”

Check out the Teal Swan or Eckhart Tolle. This stuff isn’t taught to us in school – it’s basically breathing, slowing down, and allowing yourself to do your best with what’s around you instead of making a panicked move.

No one is perfect. Without shattering my heel bone, without years of slowing my life down, I’d still be the same schmuck I see so frequently now in society.

Remember, pretending you know what’s going on might fool everyone else, but deep down, you still know you’re full of shit!