You know being a Hillary Clinton supporter (Still with Her!), being a Democrat, being anti-bully, racist, sexist, apparently comes with it’s price. By responding to injustice, you become the new target; by speaking up, you get laughed at; and when showing courage, you are put down and called a pussy.

Unfortunately, this is our reality. Why else would millions of people all over the world protest this basic bully?

I thought after “W,” we learned that a wild wild west attitude doesn’t guarantee results if you’re a complete idiot. Instead, some science can only bolster your swagger even stronger.

We lost a member of our online marijuana community last week because, essentially, the world continues to hate anything daring to be different and themselves. If you idly stand by while people on any level abuse their power when you could do something, that’s on you.

The trolling won’t go away on it’s own.