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World’s Greatest

I see you, women all over the world: AND I AM WITH YOU.

Yesterday, in our nation’s capital as well as cities worldwide (including every United State), women and some men marched not only against Donald Drumpf, but oppression and injustice everywhere.

They lit my fire like never before. My own mom was in attendance, making me the proudest son on Earth. Hearing these speakers brought back my hope and inspired me stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life. Tears RAINED down as I witnessed seemingly millions of people flood the streets in protest.

They did not win. Donald douche, Russia, and the Republicans DID NOT WIN. They can never reach inside me and touch my soul, not for one second. My heart, and the one that we beat yesterday, together as one, is unstoppable. Thank you, mom, and women all over the world, for making this man believe once again.

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  1. Norma Norma
    February 15, 2017    

    You’re welcome Eric. As your mom, I am thrilled at your reaction to the Women’s March in DC. The kind strength that day was palpable. There was no violence. Women were helping eachother, bonding, and chanting. We supported eachother and held steadfast to our rights that we have worked so hard for. It’s only the beginning. Womens rights are human rights. I am proud to have a son that was touched and felt our need for this March.

  2. Young $narf Young $narf
    February 15, 2017    

    That might be the single coolest comment this website has ever received… thank you so much for stopping in mom, for marching that day, and most importantly, for raising this extremely proud son! I love you and promise to keep standing up for all people who are being discriminated against. ♥

    • Norma Norma
      March 1, 2017    

      I’m honored. I have every confidence that you will continue to support human rights. You have the heart for the job.

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