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Devastation Island

No big deal… just fuck our Detroit/Michigan lives!

Incredible job, referees! Kudos for organizing your strategic effort to cheat so precisely. 4th & goal? Perfect timing! Deep ball – why not?!

Look, Cheate Carrol and fellow Cheathawks: I have 0 respect for you. Down 10-6 entering the final quarter, the NFL was too afraid we’d actually win and made sure we didn’t.

And if all the illegal behavior wasn’t enough to leave you vomiting uncontrollably, the level of arrogance on their side of the ball might as well have changed their name to the Seattle Smug. ZERO RESPECT.

I am so proud of these Lions. Maybe Megatron could have made the difference. Without our star this season we made the playoffs, something no one even imagined. We’ll be back next year, don’t you worry, Detroit!

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    January 9, 2017    

    There is no excuse for missing that face mask call in the end zone other than the NFL its one big circle jerk of cheating. The scale of cheating has passed any border of known fairness and decency. A fair tournament for athletes is turning into a Dog and Pony show for the arrogant, cheating bastards!

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