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Unprepared for the Big Time

This is a difficult article to write because I hate to blame the fans: but you disgust me, Detroit. You abandoned your city, and you are leaving your team to die.

You don’t care, it’s cool. I know you don’t. Besides the Red Wings, who were chock full of Hall of Famers, I’ve watched ONE Detroit title in my lifetime.

You just don’t get it, do you, Detroit? Life takes work, hard work. You don’t abandon a perfectly located city right along the river for some no-resource suburbs. THIS HAS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING.

YOU ARE ALL-IN, MOTOWN. Every other fucking team in the NFC has won their division 3 FUCKING TIMES SINCE WE HAVE ONCE. DO YOU EVEN CARE?


I’ve fucking had it. Do you get how hard we’ve worked this season. Do you morons get Matthew Stafford has given everything this year? Most of you idiotic fans have failed to see the glaring week-by-week adjustments that must be made, blindly blaming a banged-up QB who is the MVP of the league. NO ONE is more valuable to his team than Stafford (go back and watch, for the first time, and see).

So this is it, Detroit: either you fall just shy of the playoffs like the Tigers did, or you show up to our stadium AND WILL THESE LIONS TO THE DIVISION. IT’S ON YOU, DETROIT.

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    December 29, 2016    

    We have to bring this one home and make the Central Division ours…..this team is a real contender with a real MVP quarterback so don’t half ass it Motown with the negative bullshit and don’t stop bringing it till there are zeros on the clock…… GO LIONS!

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