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Democrats Laying Down to Die?

First of all, we’ve got them. If we just press this, public support will be in our favor. It’s a bit fucked, the Republican way of throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks, but in this case, we have the CIA and numerous intelligence outlets backing us up.

America is a strange country. Young, brash, we hate being told what to do. But we also hate cheaters. And right now, according to Republican Russian law, our enemy has attacked and supplanted the rightful 45th Presidency with Donald Trump, a Russian Puppet.

Some basic fact-checking might help get you informed. But instead of getting all sanctimonious – we need to demand answers. WE NEED TO GET ANGRY. POUND YOUR FIST ON THE TABLE!! Stop waiting to know exactly why and trust yourself, and if you really want to have concrete evidence look at who Trump picked as new Secretary of State: Russian-loved Exxon Mobil CEO.

SO FREAK OUT DEMOCRATS. LOSE IT! If Hillary Clinton had lost the popular vote AND there was evidence Russia hacked us in her favor she’d be impeached so fast. SO COME ON OBAMA, WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOSE? REALLY – ASK YOURSELF.

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