Starting Sunday, Matthew Stafford led the Lions on another come-from-behind victory to ensure the visiting Chicago Bears would not sweep the season series. Poor #9 played with white gloves on his hands after apparently dislocating one of his fingers. He soldiered through two catastrophic interceptions to lead another drive down the field in the 4th quarter, punctuated by his scramble into the end zone.

It seems weird to blend politics and sports, but the revelations about Russia’s interference in our election also swept the weekly headlines. While the average American (in many cases) continues to blame made-up Drumpf bull shit, our intelligence community compiled a report detailing that it wasn’t only about undermining USA’s democracy, it was clearly about electing the Puppet Drumpf.

I’m still hearing the same George W. Bush rhetoric about “get ‘er done” without any real understanding, for example, of how Carrier simply made Donald their bitch so he could save face. South Park’s season finale on Wednesday tackled the issue of internet trolling for good, ending the episode by letting everyone know Twitter, Facebook, and all these garbage media outlets can’t determine the outcome of our election.

But like Stafford plunging past the Bears to deliver the win, I felt like President (yeah, still in office!) Barack Obama came through letting us all know he isn’t going to forgive Russia for fucking us.

And finally, we lost Craig Sager to his battle with leukemia on Thursday. The cosmic timing allowed basketball fans across the globe to mourn and celebrate together on TNT, the network he delivered sideline reporting for most his career. Sager will never be forgotten, and he will never be replicated. The gigantic former athlete had a love and passion for sports trickling out of his fancy suits with every flamboyant outfit. But it was in the past couple years as he battled the disease that we all came together and embraced his style as our own. We watched him deliver an iconic Jimmy V-speech at the ESPYs so filled with hope it left you clinging to everything you loved, then saw him work his first ever NBA Finals game.

What do all of these things have in common? A foundation of hope rooted in the truth, for the older you get, the fairy tales just don’t cut it anymore. You need real life to deliver results. And at least, in our hearts, we felt satisfied as Saturday night concluded one hell of a week with the SNL crew delivering an all-time performance against Drumpf led by Chance the Rapper. As they said right after the election:

“I’m not giving up. And neither should you.”