I wake up pissed as hell everyday. Not really in a way – the river always is moving, keeping it for me, and I do think the world at it’s heart is a wonderful place. BUT the level of devastation from the Hillary Clinton loss has still not left.

It couldn’t be more fucking obvious that Russia hacked our election in favor of Donald Drumpf. But, yet, so many of you don’t seem to remotely give a damn. The level of ignorance in this country is revolting, making me ashamed for the first time in my life.

Look, SNL and Dave Chappelle: this is new. This is completely worse than anything we have ever done. You know why? Because we should know better. And the level of comedy compared to fact-checking in this nation is sickening.

If you examine Wisconsin, it couldn’t be more clear they were rigging votes in Drumpf’s favor. How is this not a bigger deal? Where is the social media or real media outrage? DO YOU EVEN GIVE A FUCK? Or is the whiny cynicism that divided Democrats in the first place taking over your body again?

Fuck the revolution. We lost. And yet – if we could get a real recount, we’d probably see levels of cheating unheard of on a national election level. Until then, I wait, wondering if I can wake up in such a wonderful world while watching us ruin it.