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Brilliant South Park Tackles Trump

You can always count on Matt Stone & Trey Parker to deliver the news. I think it’s important for all you apathetic snarfs I already called out – since many of you arrogantly watch South Park, to admit that even a show on Comedy Central cares more about our country than you. So put down the show because you don’t even agree with it, you just sit there in vain laughing at yourself…

They used Mr. Garrison and his over-the-top directness as a comparison for Donald Drumpf to perfection – the arrogant power tripping, the absurd sexual comments. And today, they started off the episode with him getting his toupee attached while the “Imperial March” from Star Wars played, a la Darth Vader getting his helmet put on. It was amazing! And they continued to play the March everytime he was on screen.

They showed him walking through the Pentagon with his nonchalant attitude until he reached the war room. It wasn’t nearly as fun…

See, if they care, and called out Drumpf over a year ago and begged us to take it seriously, what is anyone’s excuse who was aware of him for not voting? If these comedians didn’t tackle the issue, I’d feel like I care too much. But clearly, as the centerpiece of this and last season, they do, too.

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