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Taking A Stand

LeBron James’ actions in declaring his support during the presidential race are exactly the type of actions that I’m talking about when I mean going above and beyond to do your part.

Sure, fresh off cementing his legacy with a return to Cleveland after winning two titles in Miami, allowing his hometown city that never gave him the proper teammates to taste the champagne of victory, he could have done an MJ and appealed to his broad brand instead of taking a stand.

But no, since day one, this G has been thrust into the 24/7 news cycle of absurd personal dissection. He seems to have really found his swagger embracing it, realizing that he can actually make change. This is the type of behavior that makes real change, not simply sitting out of something that vaguely relates to your cause. IT’S CALLED HANDS ON POOPERNICK.

James voiced his support for Hillary Clinton in a much needed swing state of Ohio the day before she visited his hometown of Akron. How dare Donald Drumpf think he can alienate the black community without someone with balls stepping up?

This is unheard of. No high-profile athlete has ever written an op-ed on who they supported for president.

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