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It’s Simple

Either you believe in America and ultimately yourself, or you have become so jaded by life that you don’t. A vote for faggot ass Donald = you would rather give up on countless logical issues for your own bitter sake of not electing Hillary Clinton – who happens to be an outstanding human. If you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t care about our country.

That’s why it’s impossible to beat the Democrats. Eventually, the higher light shines through and everyone has at least something they love. And if you stand up for what you believe in, it means you believe we are UNITED. As one. Gloriously declaring bankrupt schmucks like Drumpf exactly what they are: CHUMPS.

So GO HILLARY. GO GET ‘EM MY GIRL. Even through pneumonia she fights – through pneumonia! Leave her alone and look at everything she’s ever cared about: it’s regular hard-working people like you and me.

A vote for her is a vote for yourself. And it’s a vote for the United States of America. That’s why I’M WITH HER.

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