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So, my dad and I just finished attending Harry Potter night at the old ballpark in West Michigan. And let me tell you, after watching the Whitecaps four times in August, seeing the Tigers go on multiple winning streaks, and viewing the stadium from my backyard – there is most definitely some magic to this game.

I miss the sounds and smells that Fox Sports can’t broadcast through the TV. The joy on kids’ faces that have never even witnessed the sport before. Often, during the ballgame, I’m helping the crowd stay focused, because many snarfs haven’t learned the rules yet!

I saw my family drive home from so many events, seeing it again tonight brought back a host of memories. We’re still waiting for my brother to bless us with his presence, but until then, I think oldschool and I will keep doing just fine, enjoying the same game we played as kids and loving every minute of it.

Single-A baseball does that for you. It’s very family oriented, and sometimes, you see hilarious theatrics meant to entertain the crowd. And it’s crazy how fast they grow up to be Tigers. Soon Ryan Castellanos, Will Maddox, and Cam Gibson will don the Tiger D. And I hope I get to grow old watching it, as my grandma once told me, “A witness to the events of my time.”

What a blessing!

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