There is a huge chunk of apathetic voters I’ve been discovering in the medicinal marijuana community. While some people, like myself, are activists who helped put the issue on the ballot in ’08, helped elect a Democratic President who successfully legalized it in states across the nation, and tried to undue the ill effects of eight years of George W. Bush – there are the unearned stoners milking the system while not paying it back, and thus forward.

You see, you don’t want to fuck this up. Everyone is pretty much realizing that the medicinal value is 100% legitimate (which my injured foot knows firsthand), and our country is more focused on gun control and health care as a whole. We’re in the clear… so just don’t be an asshole, smokers.

Use the spirit of the herb to tap into the ability to spread love and help. Realize you’d never vote Republican. Never for douchey Donald. So why not find your nuts and actually STAND for something? Believe in something? Fight for a cause, not just cynically succumbing to garbage YouTube or Facebook videos.

Like I’ve said this whole election, think for yourself. And don’t be afraid, as marijuana shows you, to keep dreaming!