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Hour of Darkness

Just finished season four of “Orange Is the New Black,” and with a full moon in the sky and Melania Trump stealing Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008 – you would think we were all turning into monsters. How else can you describe the tyranny in this mad world?

While the show is partly fictional, it’s based on a true story set in modern times. By turning the prison over to a corporation in control, they show how ugly our world gets when a greedy businessman (DRUMPF) gets his tiny little hands on a public service.

By the end of 12 episodes, an inmate has been wrongly murdered by an unqualified guard, and many others in charge abuse their power. Without properly trained security officers, the jail runs rampant with discrimination and conflict. It’s the same type of cheapness Drumpf built his fortune on and led to the GOP’s demise (: Flint).

You’re watching a grade school-bully at the RNC – laws no longer apply, a taste of the lack of democracy Drumpf will provide. He rails immigrants, but his mumbling of English wife copied and pasted the current First Lady’s speech, displaying zero First Lady ability of her own.

We’re fucking better than this. There’s even a bully upstairs at my apartment; there’s inept Brad Ausmus; and it’s the fucking fight test: you go through life thinking you’re not gonna get shit on, and you do. We stand UP to these kindergarten bullies, for we damn know we can take it, but can they?

So let the moon cast some light in this dark hour; our own Democratic Convention lies just around the corner. And as a party united has proven vs. a clearly split GOP, nothing good ever comes from pitting people against one another. The United States of America.

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  1. oldschool oldschool
    July 21, 2016    

    ..they let an Eva Gabor wanna be ape a real First Lady…….my god I’ve run out of vomit bags…. bully’s think we are stupid and easily manipulated like some kind of lap dog….. all cowards and bullies laugh in a corner while they soil themselves and everyone at the RNC knows its brown trousers time!

  2. Norma Norma
    August 19, 2016    

    Piper is a real person. Her book is fascinating.

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