Doin’ work. Way to spread awareness all night long in support of gun safety… so tragic what that poor mom had to go through. Her courage and her sons legacy must live on through our action towards ridding the United States of this gun culture. No more automatic weapons or weak background checks; you can’t go into Ace Hardware and walk out with an AR-15! And maybe this Call of Duty violence-glamorization teaching kids how to be in the military should be exposed for the Army brats it’s creating.

How can you blame anyone black for distrusting the police? Wouldn’t you if there was constant evidence against them and yet our justice system refuses to hold them accountable? It’s murder.

Craig Sager always steals the spotlight with his suits, but last night he showed what a man of family and tremendous feel he is. His legacy and speech will live on like Valvano’s.

You heard LeBron, Chris Paul and the NBAers tell us we all can do better. It’s true. Be the change you wish to see in the world; let little things go. Don’t put the chord of anger into the air, even as the subtlest of vibrations.

That was all of the best parts about sports coming together and using their stage to showcase the changes we need to make. Let’s honor that.