You know, I look back on life as a young 28-year old, and what do I know? Maybe, comparatively, not much… but in terms of TheSportingSnarf – I realize, with some humble perspective, what I just achieved.

And really, Snarfs, it’s what we achieved. Look, this site is apart of me, and I started it simply to stop ESPN from destroying all that was good in the sports world. I miss my Pistons winning it all, and they are my #1, but I stand before you as a CHAMPION. I wanted Cleveland to comeback down 3-1, I swear. I tripped on LSD and summoned my balls and realized I can’t not follow the MLK creed on this site – my life would sit comfortably numb, slowly but surely ending if I did not stand up for what I believe in.

All is good. It is… we won. YOU WON. Because you must sit here supporting the SNARF, you are apart of it, too…