Here we are, time and time again, accepting the 3-point shooting epidemic in the NBA. You saw my article before the Finals began: “Fuck ’em!”

But over the course of the last few weeks – drawn-out by the needless two days between games, I found myself unable to allow the Warriors to win this ring against a healthy Cavs team. Clearly, LeBron and Cleveland felt the same way. Trailing 3-1, they ratcheted up their defensive intensity, and James & Kyrie Irving etched their legacy into Championship-Lore with relentless attacking and clutch shooting.

Meanwhile, the little bitches from Golden State couldn’t win without kicking “King” in his balls, and watching them implode and derail their record-setting season was overwhelmingly wonderful. Would another offseason of their disrespectful, unearned smugness have forever brought us into the perimeter carousel that no one enjoys watching?

Fortunately, we’ll never know. While the Cavaliers jacked up plenty from downtown, too, their physicality is classic Eastern Conference, notably our Central Division. Don’t forget how hard our Pistons pushed Cleveland in the first round, leading after every first quarter. It was their toughness and intensity that wore a team of exhausted record-chasers down in seven.

You really can’t say enough about James. I certainly doubted his move from Miami after finally finding success. But he did it. By leaving, he forced owner Dan Gilbert to pay his teammates the proper amount and build the team he never had the first time. While Irving hit the big 3 and was phenomenal, James is essentially coach, too. (Tyron Lue nodding.)

But you have to be happy for a city of hard-working midwestern people (like Detroit) who don’t know what this feels like. James proved, at the end of the day, it’s ok to go against the grain and listen to your heart and believe in it. He’s a true Cavalier: he slayed the false idol and proved what we knew all along: CLEVELAND ROCKS!